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Resilience Gives Way

US TSYS: White House Advisor Navarro's own take on Chinese whispers, where he
appeared to deem the Sino-U.S. trade deal as "over", was the only game in town
in Asia-Pac hours. The initial round of comments drove risk-off market flows,
before pushback from Messrs Navarro, Kudlow & Trump re: what was meant/denial
that such a statement was true allowed risk to recover. This generally biased
core FI markets lower in the 2ns half of the Asia-Pac session, with news flow
light elsewhere. T-Notes unch. at 138-22+, with volume nearing an impressive
200K, while yields sit unchanged to 0.5bp richer across the cash curve.
- Reminder that the space drifted lower into the NY close on a pop in
equities/hope re: U.S. infrastructure stimulus. Monday's sparse volumes had many
pointing to summer markets, which was perhaps understandable given the limited
news flow & recent market moves. Still, this summer may not be your typical
offering, given the various, well-documented sources of risk, heightened supply
and unparalleled monetary/fiscal support offered across the globe.
- Early Asia saw light long interest in the TYU0 138.00/137.00 put spread, for a
2nd straight session. Flash PMIs, Fedspeak from Bullard & 2-Year supply due.
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MNI London Bureau | +44 0203-865-3809 |