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Key Mkt Levels Ahead FOMC

(Z18) 200-dma Anchors *RES.....>

AUSSIE 10-YEAR TECHS: (Z18) 200-dma Anchors
*RES 3: 97.5950 - 50% 98.2000-96.9875
*RES 2: 97.5325 - 2-month trendline resistance
*SUP 1: 97.4069 - Short-term uptrend beginning Aug 13
*PRICE: 97.2800 @ 16:45 GMT, Oct 19
*SUP 1: 97.1950 - Oct 9 low
*SUP 2: 97.1450 - Jun7/8 low
*SUP 3: 97.0450/0500 - May/YTD Low
Prices saw at the week on a relatively strong note, touching 97.32, but traded
either side of the 200-dma for an eighth consecutive session, keeping a breakout
contained for now. Momentum needs to pick up to dictate whether the next leg
will be higher or lower. A bullish move needs to close above the 97.3424 100-dma
but may run into resistance at 97.3200. Any break lower will test the next key
support levels at the early June lows of 97.145. A break below there could open
a move toward the 97.050 printed in May.