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Equities Weakening Ahead FOMC


Upcoming FOMC Sidelines Issuers


EUROPE SUMMARY: Stg Straddle Buying Continues

FED: (1/2) As a reminder, we will be running our "Human Readable Algo" for
today's FOMC meeting (1400ET).
- Our Alphaflash product provides algos with a low latency feed from the lockup
of data releases and policy meetings.
- For the CB policy meetings we discuss with our algo clients a number of
question which are unambiguous, can be answered either numerically or with a
'yes' or 'no', and which represent the expected tradable possibilities.
- A comprehensive list of these questions are available on the MNI Monitor
(available vis the website here:
- The markets team have selected a subsection of questions that we think should
be the most market moving and we will publish the answer to all of these.