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Markets Mixed, EUR/USD The Standout


France Sells E10.355bn of OATs

DOLLAR-SING TECHS: Below Sgd1.3344 Focuses On Sgd1.3197-1.3285
*RES 4: Sgd1.3496 - High Dec 18 
*RES 3: Sgd1.3489 - 2018 High May 10 
*RES 2: Sgd1.3459 - 55-WMA 
*RES 1: Sgd1.3417 - Low May 29 now resistance
*PRICE: Sgd1.3451 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Sgd1.3344 - Low May 15 
*SUP 2: Sgd1.3285 - Low May 4 
*SUP 3: Sgd1.3254 - 55-DMA 
*SUP 4: Sgd1.3218 - 100-DMA
*COMMENTARY: Bears managed a dip below the 200-DMA (Sgd1.3362) Thursday but with
follow through lacking, bears now need a close below Sgd1.3344 to confirm a
break and shift initial focus to Sgd1.3197-1.3285 where 55 &100-DMAs are
located. Bulls now need a close above Sgd1.3417 to gain breathing room and above
Sgd1.3538 to confirm traction above the 55-WMA and to focus on 200 (Sgd1.3621) &
100 (Sgd1.3680) WMAs.