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LEVELS UPDATE: Precious metals up, natgas down


Asian and European equities in the red


Pricing out optimism


BofA Change Their Bank of England Call


Block trade

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2330BST 0630HKT 0830AEST Australia Apr AiG Services PMI
0000BST 0700HKT 0900AEST South Korea Mar BoP Current Account Balance
0030BST 0730HKT 0930AEST Japan Mar Real & Labour Earnings Data
0050BST 0750HKT 0950AEST Japan Apr Monetary Base
0130BST 0830HKT 1030AEST Japan Apr, F Jibun Bank Services & Composite PMIs
0200BST 0900HKT 1100AEST Australia To Sell A$800mn 0.25% 21 Nov 2024 Bond
0230BST 0930HKT 1130AEST RBA SoMP
0245BST 0945HKT 1145AEST China Apr Caixin Services & Composite PMIs
0400BST 1100HKT 1300AEST New Zealand Q2 2-Year Inflation Expectations
0430BST 1130HKT 1330AEST Japan To Sell Y6.5tn 3-Month Bills
0435BST 1135HKT 1335AEST Japan 1-5 Year Enhanced Liquidity Auction
0730BST 1430HKT 1630AEST Australia Apr Foreign Reserves
- - - China Q1, P BoP Current Account Balance
- - - China Apr Trade Balance
- - - China Apr Foreign Reserves