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China Repo Rates Diverge on Wednesday


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Bullard Strikes Usual Hawkish Tone


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  • State Duma Chairman says the EU will never be able to achieve a change in Russia's foreign policy, saying sanctions are not only ineffective but detrimental to Europe itself.
    • Notes if the sanctions were lifted that trade could reach $550bn between Russian & the EU.
  • Comes after Borrell said the EU must seek other ways of reaching an understanding with Russia – calling on the EU to prepare a report on the current situation and prospects for relations with Russia.
    • At this meeting France & Germany called for a 27 member state meeting with Russia that was rejected by the broader group
  • Senior Diplomat says Russia-US dialogue on Afghanistan is developing positively with interests in the Afghan settlement mostly coinciding.
    • Russia reiterated that it wishes to see an autonomous, stable state in Afghanistan
  • UK Airforce Chief of Staff says activities of Russia and China in space pose daily threats.
    • Says Moscow and Beijing are engaged in "dubious" activities, such as launching satellites in "close proximity" to others, as well as other "dangerous activities" that could lead to the destruction of satellites of third countries