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BLOCK, Green June Call Fly

BOND SUMMARY: EGB/GILT SUMMARY: A pretty dull afternoon session, with the lack
of Data, and no speakers scheduled for today, markets have remained within
-EGBs and particularly the Bund have stayed underpinned, better bid in a low
volume session, on the back of EU National countries breaching their Budget rule
this morning. This set the tone for the rest of the session. 
-Gilt have taken their cue form the German 10yr Bund, staying clearly in the
green, and above water throughout the day's session. 
-Focus turns to the 19.00BST UK Vote. and WAB debate expected until 22.30BST (if
prog motion passes) 
- Bund futures are up 0.37 today at 171.26 with BTP futures up 0.66 at 144.63
and OAT futures up 0.36 at 167.79. 
- Gilt futures are up 0.21 today at 131.60 with 10y yields down -2.2bp at 0.726%
and 2y yields down -0.9bp at 0.536%.