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Stocks Testing Wednesday High

EGB issuance has been completed...>

EUROZONE ISSUANCE: EGB issuance has been completed for this week, totalling
- RECAP: The Netherlands on Tuesday sold E2.12bln of DSL 0.00% Jan-24. Also
Tuesday, Italy sold E1.75bln of the Mar-20 CTZ and E1.00bln of the 1.25% Sep-32
BTPei. On Wednesday, Germany issued E3.0bln of the Oct-23 Bobl, allotting
E2.424bln. On Thursday, Italy wrapped up issuance for the week, selling E2.0bln
of 2.45% Oct-23 BTP, E2.0bln 2.8% Dec-28 BTP, and E1.25bln Sep-25 CCTeu for a
total of E5.25bln.
- CASH FLOWS: There are an estimated E0.23bln in EGB redemptions this week and
E2.52bln in coupon payments, which will leave net cash flows at positive
E10.4bln, versus positive E8.7bln last week.
** For full details, please see MNI Eurozone bond auction calendar, MNI Eurozone
Net Cash Flow Matrix: and MNI Eurozone Issuance