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Slovakia, Germany, Finland and Portugal have issued bonds so far this week for a total of E6.8bln.

  • Slovakia kicked off issuance on Monday, selling E293mln against a target of E300mln of 10/15/25-year SlovGBs (a further E33.8mln was sold in the second round). Including the non-competitive tranche, E88mln of the 1.00% Oct-30 SlovGB, E116mln of the 0.375% Apr-36 SlovGB and E123mln of the 2.00% Oct-47 SlovGB were sold.
  • On Tuesday, Germany allotted E2.47bln of the 7-year 0% Nov-28 Bund with issuance volumes of for E3bln.
  • Finland then came to the market to sell E936mln of the 20-year 2.625% Jul-42 RFGB.
  • Germany returned to the market Wednesday, allotting E1.862bln of the 15-year 0% May-36 Bund with issuance volumes of E2.5bln.
  • Portugal held an exchange auction Wednesday. The IGCP sold E279mln of the 2.125% Oct-28 OT and E235mln of the 2.25% Apr-34 OT while bought back E330mln of the 2.20% Oct-22 OT and E184mln of the 5.65% Feb-24 OT.