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CANADA: ELECTION WATCH: Justin Trudeau's Liberals reduced to minority
government, needs opposition support to pass budgets and other major
-Liberals took 157 seats in House of Commons, short of the 170 needed for
majority in the 338-seat chamber, down from 184 seats in 2015
-Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer boosted total to 121 seats from 99 in 2015;
still a disappointment because the lost Liberal support went to other parties
-Bloc Quebecois won 32 seats, left-leaning NDP won 24 and are Trudeau's most
likely ally
-NDP has history supporting Liberals in minority governments, Leader Jagmeet
Singh on Tuesday said he wants to try to make Parliament work
-Scotiabank says results keep Canada on path of modest deficits around 1% of GDP
-Consistent fiscal path also signals Bank of Canada has little need to redirect