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Impact Of Factory Price Surge On PBOC Policy


A Benchmark Rate at 2% Would 'Not Be Excessive'


Yield curve shifts higher with 5s30s flattening

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  • Erdogan says Turkey will go ahead with the second purchase of S-400 missile systems, despite Washington's warnings of risks to NATO's security and CAATSA sanctions.
    • "in the future, nobody will be able to interfere in terms of the defence systems we acquire, from which country, at what level" Erdogan notes that US refusal to sell Turkey patriots has caused the issue and calls on the US to remove its remaining 900 troops from Syria
  • HDP says both political alliances (People's & Nation) will need its assistance in clinching the 2023 elections given its 15% support base.
    • HDP says although the Nation alliance has sworn to move back to a parliamentary system, this will not solve all of Turkey's problems.
    • The CHP recently voiced its support for the HDP in a move to boost support among voters ahead of the 2023 elections – should the HDP be banned
  • In a weekend interview, Erdogan denied ever discussing human rights violation with Biden, saying Turkey was "incomparably free" noting that his critics all have political motives which dialutes their accusations