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EZ/UK Bond Supply Calendar: EU & Belgium to issue Monday

Below are the known dates for auctions of European bonds and UK gilts. All times are UK.

24-Oct-221030EUE2.5bln0% Jul-26 EU NGEURe-open
24-Oct-221030EUE1.5bln0.40% Feb-37 Green EURe-open
24-Oct-221100BelgiumE1.7-2.2bln0.35% Jun-32 OLORe-open
24-Oct-221100BelgiumShared1.40% Jul-53 OLORe-open
25-Oct-221000UKGBP800mln0.125% Mar-39 linkerRe-open
25-Oct-221030GermanyE4bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
26-Oct-221000ItalyE2.0-2.5bln1.75% May-24 BTP Short TermRe-open
26-Oct-221000ItalyE500-750mln0.65% May-26 BTPeiRe-open
26-Oct-221000ItalyE500-750mln0.10% May-33 BTPeiRe-open
26-Oct-221000UKGBP3.5bln0.50% Jan-29 GiltRe-open
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 25-Oct
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 25-Oct
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 25-Oct
01-Nov-221030GermanyTBAIndex-linked BundTBA 27-Oct
01-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
02-Nov-221030GermanyE1bln0% Aug-31 Green BundRe-open
03-Nov-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 28-Oct
03-Nov-220950FranceTBALT OATsTBA 28-Oct
04-Nov-221100BelgiumTBAORI FacilityTBA 3-Nov
W/C 7-Nov----UKTBAJan-38 GiltSynd; New
07-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
08-Nov-220900NetherlandsE1.5-2.5bln0.50% Jul-32 DSLRe-open
08-Nov-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 3-Nov
08-Nov-221000UKTBA 1-Nov4.125% Jan-27 GiltRe-open
08-Nov-221030GermanyE6blnDec-24 SchatzNew
09-Nov-221000UKTBA 2-Nov0.875% Jul-33 Green GiltRe-open
09-Nov-221030GermanyE4bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
09-Nov-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 4-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
W/C 14-Nov----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
W/C 14-Nov----ItalyTBABTP Italia 6y
14-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
15-Nov-221000UKTBA 8-Nov1.00% Jan-32 GiltRe-open
15-Nov-221030GermanyE4bln2.10% Nov-29 BundRe-open
15-Nov-221130UKTBA 8-Nov0.875% Jan-46 GiltRe-open
16-Nov-221030GermanyE1.5bln1.00% May-38 BundRe-open
16-Nov-221130UKTBA 9-Nov0.25% Jan-25 GiltRe-open
17-Nov-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 11-Nov
17-Nov-220950FranceTBAMT OATsTBA 11-Nov
17-Nov-221050FranceTBAIL OATsTBA 11-Nov
17-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
21-Nov-221100BelgiumTBAConventional auctionTBA 14-Nov
21-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
22-Nov-221030GermanyE3bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
23-Nov-221030GermanyE1bln1.80% Aug-53 BundRe-open
23-Nov-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 18-Nov
24-Nov-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 21-Nov
24-Nov-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 21-Nov
28-Nov-221030EUTBAEU-bond auctionTBA 23-Nov
28-Nov-221445UKGBP750mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 24-Nov
30-Nov-221030GermanyE3bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
01-Dec-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 25-Nov
01-Dec-221000UKTBA 24-Nov1.25% Jul-51 GiltRe-open
01-Dec-220950FranceTBANominal / IL OATsTBA 25-Nov
W/C 5-Dec----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
05-Dec-221445UKGBP750mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
06-Dec-221000UKTBA 29-Nov4.125% Jan-27 GiltRe-open
06-Dec-221030GermanyE5blnDec-24 SchatzRe-open
06-Dec-221130UKTBA 29-Nov1.125% Jan-39 GiltRe-open
07-Dec-221000UKTBA 30-Nov0.125% Aug-31 linkerRe-open
08-Dec-221445UKGBP750mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
13-Dec-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000UKTBA 6-Dec1.00% Jan-32 GiltRe-open
14-Dec-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 9-Dec
15-Dec-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 9-Dec
16-Dec-221100BelgiumTBAORI FacilityTBA 15-Dec
19-Dec-221000SlovakiaTBAReserve date
20-Dec-221000UKTBA 13-Dec0.25% Jan-25 GiltRe-open
28-Dec-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 22-Dec
28-Dec-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 22-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 23-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 23-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 23-Dec
05-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
10-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
11-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
12-Jan-230930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 6-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
17-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
18-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
19-Jan-230930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 13-Jan
24-Jan-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
25-Jan-231000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 20-Jan
25-Jan-231000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 20-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 24-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 24-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 24-Jan
01-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
07-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
08-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
14-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
15-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
21-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
22-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
01-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
01-Mar-231130UKTBAI/L gilt
07-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
08-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
14-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
15-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
21-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
28-Mar-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
29-Mar-231000UKTBAI/L gilt

See the notes section at the bottom for more colour.

  • Austria: 3-4 syndications in 2022 (from 3 in 2021). One triple tranche held on 19 January 2022 and single tranches on 23 March and 21 September.
  • Belgium: Up to 3 new benchmark OLOs intended to be launched in three syndications in 2022 (up from 2 in 2021). New 10-year launched on 18 January, new 30-year launched on 15 February and a Green OLO due with maturity to be determined.
  • Finland has already held its three planned syndications for 2022: it launched the long 20-year 0.50% Apr-43 RFGB on 26 January, the 10-year 1.50% Sep-32 RFGB on 25 May and the 5-year 1.375% Apr-27 RFGB on 23 August.
  • France: New bonds planned in 2022: One 3-year OAT (launched 20 January), one 5-year OAT (launched 19 May), two 10-year OATs (first launched 6 January, second 7 July), one 15-year OAT (launched 7 April), one new long 20-year OAT (launched 6 September via syndication), one new 30-year OATei (launched 25 January via syndication), one 15-year Green OATei (launched 25 May via syndication). France has E10bln of Green eligible expenditures for 2022 (of which E9.096bln has already been issued).
  • Germany: 2022 planned syndications: 30-year 0% Aug-52 Bund reopened on 1 March, 30-year 0% Aug-50 Green Bund reopened on 1 June, 5-year Aug-27 Green Bobl new issue on 31 August and new conventional 30-year Bund on 11 October.
  • Ireland has announced that it has completed its funding for 2022 ahead of schedule and will not be holding any issuance operations during
  • Italy: In Q3-22, Italy launched the new 5-year 2.65% Dec-27 BTP on 30 June for a minimum E10.0bln and the 4.00% Apr-35 Green BTP via syndication on 6 September. It also plans to reopen the 1.75% May-24 BTP Short Term, 1.20% Aug-25 BTP (minimum outstanding E9bln already surpassed), 2.80% Jun-29 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln), and the 2.50% Dec-32 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln).
  • The UK plans to hold a linker syndication in the second half of November.

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