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EZ/UK Bond Supply Calendar: Austria to issue Tuesday

MNI (London)

Below are the known dates for auctions of European bonds and UK gilts. All times are UK.

See the notes section at the bottom for more colour.

09-Aug-221000AustriaE1.150bln0.90% Feb-32 RAGBRe-open
09-Aug-221000AustriaShared3.15% Jun-44 RAGBRe-open
09-Aug-221000UKGBP1.75bln1.25% Jul-51 GiltRe-open
09-Aug-221030GermanyE6blnSep-24 SchatzNew
10-Aug-221030GermanyE1.5bln1.25% Aug-48 BundRe-open
16-Aug-221000UKTBA 9-Aug0.50% Jan-29 GiltRe-open
16-Aug-221030GermanyE4bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
18-Aug-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 12-Aug
18-Aug-220950FranceTBAMT OATsTBA 12-Aug
18-Aug-221050FranceTBAIL OATsTBA 12-Aug
22-Aug-221100BelgiumTBAConventional auctionTBA 15-Aug
23-Aug-221000UKTBA 16-Aug0.125% Mar-39 linkerRe-open
24-Aug-221030GermanyE4bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
24-Aug-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 19-Aug
25-Aug-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 22-Aug
29-Aug-221030EUTBAEU-bond auctionTBA 24-Aug
30-Aug-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 25-Aug
30-Aug-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 25-Aug
30-Aug-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 25-Aug
01-Sep-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 26-Aug
01-Sep-220950FranceTBALT OATsTBA 26-Aug
01-Sep-221000IrelandTBAIGBTBA 29-Aug
01-Sep-221000UKTBA 25-Aug0.875% Jan-46 GiltRe-open
02-Sep-221100BelgiumTBAORI FacilityTBA 1-Sep
06-Sep-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 1-Sep
06-Sep-221000UKTBA 30-Aug0.25% Jan-25 GiltRe-open
06-Sep-221030GermanyTBAIndex-linked BundTBA 1-Sep
07-Sep-221000UKTBA 31-Aug1.00% Jan-32 GiltRe-open
07-Sep-221030GermanyE1.5bln1.00% May-38 BundRe-open
W/C 12-Sep----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
13-Sep-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-221030GermanyE5.5blnSep-24 SchatzRe-open
14-Sep-221030GermanyE1bln2.50% Jul-44 BundRe-open
14-Sep-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 9-Sep
15-Sep-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 9-Sep
15-Sep-220950FranceTBAMT OATsTBA 9-Sep
15-Sep-221050FranceTBAIL OATsTBA 9-Sep
19-Sep-221100BelgiumTBAConventional auctionTBA 12-Sep
21-Sep-221030GermanyE4bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
26-Sep-221030EUTBAEU-bond auctionTBA 21-Sep
27-Sep-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 22-Sep
27-Sep-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 22-Sep
27-Sep-221000UKTBA 20-Sep0.125% Aug-31 linkerRe-open
27-Sep-221030GermanyE3bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
28-Sep-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 23-Sep
29-Sep-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 26-Sep
29-Sep-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 26-Sep
29-Sep-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 26-Sep
04-Oct-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 29-Sep
04-Oct-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
04-Oct-221030GermanyTBAIndex-linked BundTBA 29-Sep
05-Oct-221030GermanyE1.5bln1.00% May-38 BundRe-open
06-Oct-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 30-Sep
06-Oct-220950FranceTBALT OATsTBA 30-Sep
W/C 10-Oct----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
11-Oct-220900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auctionTBA 5-Oct
11-Oct-221030GermanyE5.5blnSep-24 SchatzRe-open
12-Oct-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
12-Oct-221030GermanyE4bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
12-Oct-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 7-Oct
13-Oct-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 10-Oct
13-Oct-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 10-Oct
13-Oct-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 10-Oct
18-Oct-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
20-Oct-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 14-Oct
20-Oct-220950FranceTBAMT OATsTBA 14-Oct
20-Oct-221050FranceTBAIL OATsTBA 14-Oct
24-Oct-221030EUTBAEU-bond auctionTBA 19-Oct
24-Oct-221100BelgiumTBAConventional auctionTBA 17-Oct
25-Oct-220900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auctionTBA 19-Oct
25-Oct-221000UKTBAI/L gilt
25-Oct-221030GermanyE3bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
26-Oct-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 21-Oct
26-Oct-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 21-Oct
26-Oct-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 21-Oct
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 25-Oct
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 25-Oct
28-Oct-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 25-Oct
01-Nov-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
01-Nov-221030GermanyTBAIndex-linked BundTBA 27-Oct
03-Nov-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 28-Oct
03-Nov-220950FranceTBALT OATsTBA 28-Oct
04-Nov-221100BelgiumTBAORI FacilityTBA 3-Nov
08-Nov-220900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auctionTBA 2-Nov
08-Nov-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 3-Nov
08-Nov-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
08-Nov-221030GermanyE6blnDec-24 SchatzNew
09-Nov-221030GermanyE4bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
09-Nov-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 4-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
11-Nov-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 8-Nov
W/C 14-Nov----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
15-Nov-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
16-Nov-221030GermanyE1bln1.00% May-38 BundRe-open
17-Nov-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 11-Nov
17-Nov-220950FranceTBAMT OATsTBA 11-Nov
17-Nov-221050FranceTBAIL OATsTBA 11-Nov
21-Nov-221100BelgiumTBAConventional auctionTBA 14-Nov
22-Nov-220900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auctionTBA 16-Nov
22-Nov-221030GermanyE3bln1.30% Oct-27 BoblRe-open
23-Nov-221030GermanyE1blnNew 30y BundRe-open
23-Nov-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 18-Nov
24-Nov-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 21-Nov
24-Nov-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 21-Nov
28-Nov-221030EUTBAEU-bond auctionTBA 23-Nov
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 24-Nov
30-Nov-221030GermanyE3bln1.70% Aug-32 BundRe-open
01-Dec-220930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 25-Nov
01-Dec-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
01-Dec-220950FranceTBANominal / IL OATsTBA 25-Nov
W/C 5-Dec----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
06-Dec-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
06-Dec-221030GermanyE5blnDec-24 SchatzRe-open
07-Dec-221000UKTBAI/L gilt
13-Dec-220900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auctionTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000AustriaTBARAGBTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-221000UKTBAConventional gilt
14-Dec-221030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 9-Dec
15-Dec-220930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 9-Dec
16-Dec-221100BelgiumTBAORI FacilityTBA 15-Dec
19-Dec-221000SlovakiaTBAReserve date
28-Dec-221000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 22-Dec
28-Dec-221000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 22-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 23-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 23-Dec
29-Dec-221000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 23-Dec
05-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
10-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
12-Jan-230930SpainTBABono/Olbi/ObliEiTBA 6-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA3-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA7-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
12-Jan-231000ItalyTBA15-50-year BTPTBA 9-Jan
17-Jan-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
19-Jan-230930SpainTBABono/OlbiTBA 13-Jan
24-Jan-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
25-Jan-231000ItalyTBABTP Short TermTBA 20-Jan
25-Jan-231000ItalyTBABTPeiTBA 20-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBA5-year BTPTBA 24-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBA10-year BTPTBA 24-Jan
27-Jan-231000ItalyTBACCTeuTBA 24-Jan
01-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
07-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
14-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
21-Feb-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
01-Mar-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
07-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
14-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
21-Mar-231000UKTBAConventional gilt
28-Mar-231000UKTBAI/L gilt

  • Cancelled auction: Italy has cancelled the MT/LT BTP auction on 11 August and the BTPei auction on 25 August.
  • Austria: 3-4 syndications in 2022 (from 3 in 2021). One triple tranche already held on 19 January 2022 and a single tranche on 23 March.
  • Belgium: Up to 3 new benchmark OLOs intended to be launched in three syndications in 2022 (up from 2 in 2021). New 10-year launched on 18 January, new 30-year launched on 15 February and a Green OLO due with maturity to be determined.
  • Finland looks to hold three syndications in 2022: it has already launched the long 20-year 0.50% Apr-43 RFGB on 26 January and also looks to launch a new 5-year and a new 10-year. Finland's next RFGB auction will be on September 20, with a target amount of E1.0-1.5bln to be sold.
  • France: New bonds planned in 2022: One 3-year OAT (launched 20 January), one 5-year OAT (launched 19 May), two 10-year OATs (first launched 6 January, second scheduled 7 July), one 15-year OAT (launched 7 April), one new 30-year OATei (launched 25 January via syndication), one 15-year Green OATei (launched 25 May via syndication). Potential issue to be examined: 20-30-year OAT via syndication. France has E15bln of Green eligible expenditures for 2022 (of which E9.013bln has already been issued).
  • Germany: 2022 planned syndications: 30-year 0% Aug-52 Bund reopened on 1 March, 30-year 0% Aug-50 Green Bund reopened on 1 June, 5-year Aug-27 Green Bobl new issue in Q3 and new conventional 30-year Bund in Q4.
  • Italy: In Q3-22, Italy plans to launch a new 5-year BTP for a minimum E10.0bln. It also plans to reopen the 1.75% May-24 BTP Short Term, 1.20% Aug-25 BTP (minimum outstanding E9bln already surpassed), 2.80% Jun-29 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln), and the 2.50% Dec-32 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln).
  • Netherlands: New 30-year DSL via DDA to be launched in September (E5bln to be issued in 2022 with E10bln eventual size). Other 2022 new issues: 5-year Jan-26 DSL launched via MTS auction on 11 January for E5.411bln inc second round (reopened for E2.813bln inc second round 10 May), E8bln to be issued in 2022 with E12bln target size within 18 months; 10-year Jul-32 DSL via DDA on 15 February (E5.956bln launch, E2.513bln reopening on 12 April; with total E12bln to be issued through 2022), new 30-year DSL via DDA with timing TBA (E5bln to be issued in 2022 with E10bln eventual size). On-the-run issues to be tapped in 2022: 0% Jan-29 DSL one auction held, due for one more 2022 auction of E1.9bln; 0.50% Jan-40 Green DSL (current outstanding E10.7bln) will saw one DDA re-opening on 14 June. E8.5bln of funding still TBA.
  • Slovakia: Plans to sell E2-3bln via syndication in 1-2 transactions in 2022. ARDAL has confirmed that the July and August reserve dates will not be used.
  • The UK plans to hold a syndicated reopening of the 1.50% Jul-53 Green Gilt in September.

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