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EZ/UK T-Bill Calendar: 1/3/6-Month UKTB Auction on Friday

Below are the known dates for auctions of European T-bills and UK T-bills. All times are UK.

DateTime (UK)CountryAmountTermMaturityNotes
17-Nov-231100UKGBP1.0bln1-monthDec 18, 2023Re-open
17-Nov-231100UKGBP2.0bln3-monthFeb 19, 2024Re-open
17-Nov-231100UKGBP2.5bln6-monthMay 20, 2024New
20-Nov-231030GermanyE3bln12-monthNov 20, 2024New
20-Nov-231030NetherlandsE1.5-2.5bln2.5-monthJan 30, 2024Re-open
20-Nov-231030NetherlandsE1.0-2.0bln5.5-monthApr 29, 2024Re-open
20-Nov-231350FranceTBA 17-Nov12-weekFeb 14, 2024Re-open
20-Nov-231350FranceTBA 17-Nov23-weekMay 2, 2024New
20-Nov-231350FranceTBA 17-Nov49-weekOct 30, 2024Re-open
21-Nov-231130ESMTBA 17-Nov6-monthTBA 17-NovNew
22-Nov-231100EUTBA 17-Nov3-monthFeb 9, 2024Re-open
22-Nov-231100EUTBA 17-Nov6-monthRe-open
24-Nov-231100UKTBA 17-Nov1-monthDec 27, 2023Re-open
24-Nov-231100UKTBA 17-Nov3-monthFeb 26, 2024Re-open
24-Nov-231100UKTBA 17-Nov6-monthMay 28, 2024New
27-Nov-231030GermanyE2bln3-monthMar 20, 2024Re-open
27-Nov-231030GermanyE2bln9-monthSep 18, 2024Re-open
27-Nov-231350FranceTBA 24-Nov13-weekFeb 28, 2024New
27-Nov-231350FranceTBA 24-Nov22-weekMay 2, 2024Re-open
27-Nov-231350FranceTBA 24-Nov48-weekOct 30, 2024Re-open
28-Nov-231000AustriaTBA 23-Nov2-monthJan 25, 2024Re-open
28-Nov-231000AustriaTBA 23-Nov3-monthFeb 29, 2024Green; new
28-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 23-Nov6-monthTBA 23-NovNew
01-Dec-231100UKTBA 24-Nov1-monthJan 2, 2024Re-open
01-Dec-231100UKTBA 24-Nov3-monthMar 4, 2024Re-open
01-Dec-231100UKTBA 24-Nov6-monthJun 3, 2024New
04-Dec-231030GermanyE2bln5-monthMay 15, 2024Re-open
04-Dec-231030GermanyE2bln11-monthNov 20, 2024Re-open
04-Dec-231030NetherlandsTBA 29-Nov3-monthFeb 28, 2024Re-open
04-Dec-231030NetherlandsTBA 29-Nov6-monthMay 30, 2024New
04-Dec-231350FranceTBA 1-Nov12-weekFeb 28, 2024Re-open
04-Dec-231350FranceTBA 1-Nov21-weekMay 2, 2024Re-open
04-Dec-231350FranceTBA 1-Nov51-weekNov 27, 2024New
05-Dec-230945SpainTBA 4-Dec6-monthJun 7, 2024Re-open
05-Dec-230945SpainTBA 4-Dec12-monthDec 6, 2024New
05-Dec-231030BelgiumTBA 1-DecShortMar 7, 2024Re-open
05-Dec-231130ESMTBA 1-Dec3-monthTBA 1-DecNew
06-Dec-231100EUTBA 1-Dec3-monthMar 8, 2024Re-open
06-Dec-231100EUTBA 1-Dec6-monthNew
08-Dec-231100UKTBA 1-Dec1-monthJan 8, 2024Re-open
08-Dec-231100UKTBA 1-Dec3-monthMar 11, 2024Re-open
08-Dec-231100UKTBA 1-Dec6-monthJun 10, 2024New
11-Dec-231030GermanyE2bln6-monthJun 19, 2023Re-open
11-Dec-231030NetherlandsTBA 6-Dec3.5-monthMar 27, 2024Re-open
11-Dec-231030NetherlandsTBA 6-Dec5.5-monthMay 30, 2024Re-open
11-Dec-231350FranceTBA 8-Dec13-weekMar 13, 2024New
11-Dec-231350FranceTBA 8-Dec20-weekMay 2, 2024Re-open
11-Dec-231350FranceTBA 8-Dec50-weekNov 27, 2024Re-open
12-Dec-230945SpainTBA 11-Dec3-monthMar 8, 2024Re-open
12-Dec-230945SpainTBA 11-Dec9-monthSep 6, 2024Re-open
12-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 6-Dec12-monthTBA 6-DecNew
15-Dec-231100UKTBA 8-Dec1-monthJan 15, 2024Re-open
15-Dec-231100UKTBA 8-Dec3-monthMar 18, 2024Re-open
15-Dec-231100UKTBA 8-Dec6-monthJun 17, 2024New
18-Dec-231350FranceTBA 15-Dec12-weekMar 13, 2024Re-open
18-Dec-231350FranceTBA 15-Dec23-weekMay 29, 2024New
18-Dec-231350FranceTBA 15-Dec49-weekNov 27, 2024Re-open
19-Dec-231000AustriaTBATBAReserve auction
20-Dec-231100EUTBA 15-Dec3-monthMar 8, 2024Optional
20-Dec-231100EUTBA 15-Dec6-monthOptional
22-Dec-231100UKTBA 15-Dec1-monthJan 22, 2024Re-open
22-Dec-231100UKTBA 15-Dec3-monthMar 25, 2024Re-open
22-Dec-231100UKTBA 15-Dec6-monthJun 24, 2024New
27-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 20-Dec5-monthTBA 20-DecRe-open
27-Dec-231350FranceTBA13-weekMar 28, 2024New
27-Dec-231350FranceTBA22-weekMay 29, 2024Re-open
27-Dec-231350FranceTBA48-weekNov 27, 2024Re-open
09-Jan-240945SpainTBA 8-Jan6-monthJul 5, 2024Re-open
09-Jan-240945SpainTBA 8-Jan12-monthJan 10, 2025New
10-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 5-Jan12-monthTBA 5-JanNew
16-Jan-240945SpainTBA 15-Jan3-monthApr 12, 2024Re-open
16-Jan-240945SpainTBA 15-Jan9-monthOct 4, 2024Re-open
26-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 23-Jan6-monthTBA 23-JanNew

Cancelled auctions:

  • Belgium has announced the cancellation of the following lines at TC auctions:
    • 31 October: May 9, 2024 TC
    • 7 November: Nov 7, 2024 TC
    • 12 December: Mar 7, 2024 TC and Nov 7, 2024 TC (no auction on this date anymore).
  • Portugal has announced the cancellation of the 6/12-month BT auction originally scheduled for Wednesday 15 November.

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