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The latest round of weekly international security flow data out of Japan revealed (very limited) net selling of foreign bonds by Japanese investors, the 3rd such instance of net selling in 5 weeks, after a run of 7 consecutive weeks of net purchases prior to that. Japanese investors also recorded a 4th straight week of net sales of foreign equities, selling the largest net amount of foreign stocks since April in the process. Meanwhile, foreigners lodged another Y1tn+ round of weekly net purchases of Japanese bonds, albeit with the pace slowing a little from the previous week.

Latest Week Previous Week 4-Week Rolling Sum
Net Weekly Japanese Flows Into Foreign Bonds (Ybn) -12.8 456.7 1199.5
Net Weekly Japanese Flows Into Foreign Stocks (Ybn) -545.6 -492.4 -1476.0
Net Weekly Foreign Flows Into Japanese Bonds (Ybn) 1073.1 1301.0 2348.0
Net Weekly Foreign Flows Into Japanese Stocks (Ybn) -47.1 165.1 675.8

Source: MNI - Market News/Bloomberg/Japanese Ministry Of Finance