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The Japanese MOF sells Y2.8069tn 6-Month Bills:


Inflation Data Under Scrutiny


Crude Registers Fresh Highs For The Week


PREVIEW: 5-Year Supply Due


Peso Gains Amid Improving Market Sentiment


Marginally Cheaper, 5-Year Supply Due

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Previous offer-to-cover ratios: most recent first (2.50x, 2.89x, 1.89x, 2.11x, 2.24x).

Medium Gilts Offers BOE buys Prev offers Prev buys
0.50% Jan-29 GBP34.1m GBP4.9m GBP720.2m GBP458.2m
0.875% Oct-29 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP156.6m GBP0.0m
0.375% Oct-30 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP22.9m GBP0.0m
0.25% Jul-31 GBP135.0m GBP0.0m GBP98.1m GBP28.0m
0.875% Jul-33 Green GBP234.6m GBP147.2m GBP44.4m GBP19.7m
0.625% Jul-35 GBP616.0m GBP506.9m GBP794.5m GBP298.0m
4.25% Mar-36 GBP132.0m GBP96.5m GBP363.1m GBP163.7m
1.75% Sep-37 GBP365.7m GBP91.0m GBP139.3m GBP30.5m
4.75% Dec-38 GBP47.4m GBP47.4m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
1.125% Jan-39 GBP103.9m GBP0.0m GBP119.3m GBP34.8m
4.25% Sep-39 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP22.6m GBP7.5m
4.25% Dec-40 GBP306.8m GBP212.8m GBP213.3m GBP106.6m
1.25% Oct-41 GBP182.5m GBP40.4m GBP172.2m GBP0.0m