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EGB/GILT SUMMARY- Holding onto gains

US DATA: Initial Jobless Claims Above-Expected (MNI) 215K In May 25 Week
- Initial claims +3k to 215k in May 25 wk vs 215k BBG and 212k MNI
- Unadj initial claims +4,129 to 196,060, just below the year ago level
- Seasonal factors had expected unadj claims to rise by only 1,481
- Largest unadj state rise in Michigan (+2,267 to 8,133)
- Data estimated in five states due to holiday, including California 
- Claims 4-wk avg -3,750 to 216,750 and likely to fall next week
- Cont claims -26k to 1.657m in May 18 survey wk; was 1.654m April 13 wk