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UK: Last night's head-to-head debate, the first between PM Boris Johnson and
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn offered little in the way of knockout blows for
either camp, and is unlikely to result in a major shift in the campaign.
- 1st half of the debate focused on Brexit, and allowed Johnson to repeatedly
question Corbyn as to whether he would support Leave or Remain in a 2nd EU
referendum. Win for Johnson. 
- 2nd half focused on the NHS and trust in politics, difficult subjects for PM
given crisis in health and perception of his slippery demeanour. Win for Corbyn.
- Throughout the debate the studio audience repeatedly laughed at both
candidates: Corbyn stating his Brexit position was clear, Johnson that his word
could be trusted. 
- Snap YouGov poll gave Johnson the narrowest of wins, 51% to 49%. Johnson seen
as more 'prime ministerial', 'likeable', Corbyn more 'trustworthy', 'in touch'. 
- Conservatives face backlash for changing their twitter name to 'FactcheckUK'
during the course of the debate, Cons say this was in order to hold Corbyn's
claims to account.