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No Immediate Reaction To 40s Auction


Japanese MOF sells Y599.3bn 40-Year JGBs:


State Debt Sale Smaller Than Indicated


PREVIEW: 40-Year Supply Due

     BEIJING (MNI) - The following lists highlights from Chinese press reports
on Thursday:
     Market participants are bullish on the Chinese Yuan and expect the currency
to trade below 7.0 next year, the Shanghai Securities News reported citing bank
reports. Bank of China International predicted USD/CNY to range 6.7 and 7.2,
according to the newspaper.
     A total of CNY170.63 billion Chinese local government special-purpose bonds
will be issued in January, the Securities Daily reported. The issuances will
significantly boost infrastructure investment and create jobs in Q1, the
newspaper reported by citing experts.
     Home prices in China may decline slightly next year while more
consolidations among developers can also be expected, the China Securities
Journal reported. The central government reiterated that it won't allow real
estate as a short-term economic stimulus tool, which further stabilizes market
outlook, said the journal citing Zou Linhua, a researcher at the Chinese Academy
of Social Sciences.
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