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MNI DATA IMPACT: BOJ Dec Tankan: Longer-CPI Outlook Higher

--Firms 1-Yr Infln Rate Outlook at 0.3% Vs. 0.3% in September

--Firms 3-Yr Infln Outlook 0.7%; 0.6% in Sep, 5-Yr Infln Rate 0.9% v 0.8%

MNI (Tokyo)

Longer-term inflation expectations at Japanese firms rose slightly in the three months to December although the one-year outlook was unchanged from the September reading, according to the latest Bank of Japan Tankan survey released on Monday.

On average, companies saw the annual consumer inflation rate at 0.3% in a year from now, unchanged from 0.3% in September. They also saw a 0.7% rise three years out and a 0.9% rise five years ahead, up from +0.6% and +0.8%, respectively in the September survey.

The BOJ has previously admitted that momentum toward achieving its 2% price target has been temporarily stalled, with consumer prices expected to be negative for some time.

The survey, conducted from November 11 to December 11, showed companies expect sales prices to fall 0.1% a year from now, up from -0.2% in September.

They saw an increase of 0.6% three years ahead, unchanged from +0.6% in September and expect an increase of 1.3% over five years, up from 1.2% in September.

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