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Demand for financing by Japanese corporates via bank loans fell in January and shows that lending facilities by the Bank of Japan and the government have produced the intended effects, according to the BOJ's latest quarterly survey of senior loan officers at 50 banks released on Thursday.

The index for corporate fund demand -- calculated by subtracting the number of banks reporting a decline in lending from the number of those reporting an
increase -- stood at -5 in January, down from +14 in October and +59 in July, the record high.

The latest survey period was from December 9 to January 12.

Other key points from the survey:

--The index for demand from large companies fell to -6 from +1 and from +46 in July, while the index for small businesses also fell to +1 from +24 in October and +54 in July.

--The index for fund demand expected for the next three months stood at +12, rising from +9 in the previous survey.

--Household demand for funds stood at +12 in January, up +3 from -24 in July, due to the increases in housing investment and spending in addition to the drop in lending rates.