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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cried foul regarding the installation of Naftali Bennett as the country's new prime minister. Earlier today a much shortened and non-public handover event took place. Usually these would be carried out in front of cameras, but Netanyahu refused, with the talks between he and former protege Bennett lasting just half an hour.

  • In his first speech as opposition leader, Netanyahu made various claims against the broad 'Change Bloc' gov't, stating that the "Left-wing, fraud, contradictory government will fall" adding that "I know where their weak spots are...We have a good reason to topple them because the good of the country demands it".
  • Even without the efforts of Netanyahu - currently on trial for bribery and other offences in office - to bring down the gov't there is the notable chance that the Bennett gov't collapses of its own accord. The sheer range of ideological and religious differences in the coalition will make for very testy relations between the member parties.

Chart of Knesset with Bennett Gov't and Opposition, Seats

Source: Israeli Knesset, MNI

  • The one-seat majority means the defection of just one Knesset member would be enough to deny the gov't its majority, and losing two could bring the gov't crashing down. There is not only the risk of a deterioration in relations between the Islamist Ra'am party and right-wing parties in favour of increasing Israeli settlements in the West Bank such as Yamina (Bennett's party), but also between centre-left and leftists parties like Meretz and Labor and right-wing parties like New Hope and Yisrael Beiteinu.