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Evergrande Risks Can Be Controlled: PBOC


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  • Losing Duma candidates join forces to get the e-voting system abolished – calling for nationwide rallies to protest results from the election but no official date was announced.
    • Moscow election officials conducted a technical re-count of the e-vote and said there were no signs of fraud
  • Kremlin says it is not discussing possibility of another lockdown, following rise in infections after Duma elections. Notes that the govt task force will monitor the situation closely, however
  • Gazprom readies key Siberian gas field for peak output in winter with to booster compressor stations at the Urengoy station starting up to bolster supply amid the crunch.
    • Gazprom says it is preparing to book additional capacity from this field with the boosters able to produce 2.1m cubic meters pre day, despite its flow being at the natural decline phase
  • Government and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs agreed to postpone the issue of higher income tax for companies with large dividends.