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WTI gains $1


German 5s/30s is flattening


Greenback Consolidating, NZD Underperforms


Bubor Rates


Rally Continues (Though Stalling A Little In Europe)

JAPAN: Per RTRS: "Japan is expected to compile a stimulus package to boost the
economy in the autumn, as its previous two packages were aimed at preventing
firms and households from bankruptcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, a close ally
of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said. Akira Amari, head of the ruling Liberal
Democratic Party's tax panel, said in an interview with Reuters on Monday that
it was not out of the question that Abe could call a snap election this fall
before his term as the premier ends next September. Support for Abe has fallen
due to dissatisfaction with his handling of the pandemic, his attempt to extend
top prosecutors' retirement age, an arrest of an ex-justice minister and
suspicions of wasteful public spending in programmes to support tourism and
small companies. Amid deepening damage to his popularity, there has been some
speculation Abe may call a snap election. "The government is expected to compile
a full-scale economic stimulus package to support growth this fall as the
previous two were to protect lives, jobs and firms. In that sense, comprehensive
steps to boost the economy are not in place yet," Amari said."
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