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UK DATA: Regular Wage Growth Jumps To 9-Year High But Employment Dowm    
--Jun-Aug Employment Level Down 5,000; Jobless Rate Steady at 4.0%    
--Jun-Aug Total Earnings +2.7% 3m y/y Vs +2.6% May-Jul
--Jun-Aug Regular Earnings +3.1% 3m y/y Vs +2.9% May-Jul
Regular earnings growth surged to a nine-year high in the three months 
to August, courtesy of broad-based increases, despite the number of 
those in employment falling for the first time since the 3m to October 
2017. Total pay edged 0.1pp higher to 2.7% 3m y/y, the highest since 
February, while regular nominal pay climbed tp 3.1% 3m y/y - equal to 
the outturn in Jan 09 and last higher in the 3m to Dec 2008. Within 
this, total services sector pay was the highest since the 3m to July 
2015 while regular public sector pay hit a 6-year high. Real 
regular wages rose by an annual rate of 0.7%, the fastest growth since 
Q4 2016.