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Yield curve shifts higher with 5s30s flattening


Austria lowers 2021 funding target


Trading Near Recent Highs


Early Trade Sees EUR/USD Edge Lower


Huge move lower for short sterling on the open

China Market News

Direct from our expanding team of journalists and data analysts based in Beijing, MNI's China package provides locally sourced insight and intelligence on the key macro and policy themes shaping Chinese markets. With China becoming ever more important in the global economy, MNI's China proprietary content and data is a must have for all global investors.

  • Exclusive interviews from Chinese officials at government institutions
    • Monetary policy
    • Fiscal policy
    • Trade policy analysis from Beijing
  • Reports from Chinese media organisations
  • MNI's proprietary Chinese data tools
    • China Liquidity Index
    • PBOC Data Watch
  • Direct access to our Beijing team
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