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(Z1) Off Lows, But Remains Weak


Still Vulnerable


Bullish Price Sequence

Treasuries ended higher, but well...>

US TSYS SUMMARY: Treasuries ended higher, but well off day's price high, amid
black-box hedge fund selling in Tsys/buying US$/yen then such accounts reversed
overnight UK trades and earlier NY trades in late NY, said traders. 
- Tsys rallied overnight as N.Korea missile hit sea near Hokkaido, Jpn, which
spurred muted safe-haven bid in TOKYO. But in UK and NY, Tsys rallied strongly,
amid black-box safe-haven buying in Tsys/sales in dollar/yen, said traders.  
- Treasuries bid waned late morning on firm US Conf Board consumer confidence,
higher 15.1 US Dallas Fed Aug. Servc Activity Index and 0.1% US June
Case-Shiller Seas Adjusted Home Px Index. Sources cited about 6,000 S&P 500
Futures bought at 10:43am ET (Big, not E-minis). Tsys morning buying in cash,
futures belly, and pre-auction hedging shorts/sales into 7Y auction. 
- Tsy $28B 7Y auction demand: 1.941% rate, strong 68.8% indirects, 16.6%
directs, 14.6% dealers. Tsy futures 1:05pm ET block sale: TYU 5,000 at 127-09,
sell thru. Tsys Sep/Dec futures roll volume healthy. Options: better upside call
sprd buying on net. TSYS 3PM ET: US 2Y 1.325%, 3Y 1.432%, 5Y 1.712%, 7Y 1.955%,
10Y 2.140%, 30Y 2.749