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Better buying on the cash open lacks momentum


Equities spill over into Bond and FX

Treasuries improve off session lows.....>

US TSYS/30Y: Treasuries improve off session lows amid some risk jitters and mild
stock sales on a Bloomberg headline saying that US special counsel Robert
Mueller's probe has a "red-hot" focus on social media; story cited US officials
saying Russian alleged efforts to sway US voters through Facebook and other
social media is "red-hot" focus of Mueller probe into 2016 US election and other
potential alleged links to Pres. Trump associates. But the markets may have
freaked out a bit on the initial headlines, so it may be useful to wait until
the Mueller probe is done to see what shows up. "What does that mean exactly?"
pondered one trader.
- Some others noted Tsys market has some dip buying relief that the 3/10/30y
auctions are finished, so spurring some dip buying. While CPI out Thursday
morning is an open question still, some may be tweaking positions to get ready
for that event.