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EGB/Gilt - Gilt outperforms

EGB SUMMARY: UK Brexit Minister Raab's resignation this morning saw core EGBs
rally, though BTPs have faded this afternoon and are now in the red. 
- The Dec 18 Bund future is up 63 ticks at 160.77, having traded in a range of
160.07-160.9 today. The 2-year yield is down 2.5bps at -0.595%.
- The belly has outperformed, the 5-Yr yield down 4.1bps at -0.237% and the
10-Yr is down 4bps at 0.358%. 
- The Dec 18 BTP future is down 16 ticks at 121.03, having traded in a range of
120.78-121.78 through the day. The sell off began after Reuters reported Lega
economic spokesman Borghi saying Italy would leave the eurozone if Lega won a
majority in the next elections. -However Borghi later denied. 
- 10-Yr BTP yield up 3.2bps at 3.522%, vs Bunds is up 7.2bps at 316.4bps. 
- Elsewhere the spread of 10-Yr Spanish bonds vs Bunds is is up 5.6bps at
127.6bps, 10-Yr spread of Portuguese PGBs vs Bunds is is up 4.7bps at 161.2bps. 
- Tomorrow sees Eurozone October inflation data released at 1000GMT.