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Putin: Russia Set To Unveil New Hypersonic Weapons

Updating the high-grade US$ corporate...>

US PIPELINE: Updating the high-grade US$ corporate bond pipeline: 
Date $MM Issuer/Rating/Desc/Maturity/Yld/Leads; Priced *; Launch #:
9/21 $500M *Newcastle Coal BBB/BBB- 144a/RegS 10Y +215 C/JPM
9/21 $1.2B *Northwest Mutual Life Aa2/AA- 30Y +107  BAML/JPM/MS
9/21 $650M #3M Co. A1/AA-            5.5Y +37       BAML/JPM/WFS
9/21 $850M #3M Co. A1/AA-            10Y  +67       BAML/JPM/WFS
9/21 $500M #3M Co. A1/AA-            30Y  +87       BAML/JPM/WFS
9/21 $2.0B? China eyes US$ sovereign bonds in Sept; to pick leads soon
- China last sold US$ debt in 2004, a $1.7B US$/EUR 5Y, 7Y debt deal
- S&P downgraded China by one notch Sept.21 to A+, stable outlook
9/21 TBD    Wabash National 8Y/NC3 US rdshow Sept 11-14 in US  MS/WFS
9/21 $7.0B? Sygenta eyes US$ 3Y/5Y/7Y/10Y/30Y BNP/C/CS/HSBC/MUFG/SANT