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Trend Condition Remains Bullish


Corrective Pullback


Bulls Remain In The Driver’s Seat


(H3)‌‌ Watching Support At The 50-Day EMA

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US Treasury Auction Calendar

Next week's updated auction calendar. Reminder, next Treasury refunding announcement on November 2.

DateTimeAmtSecurityCusip, Yield
20-Oct1130ET$65B4W Bill(912796YR4), 3.430%
20-Oct1130ET$55B8W Bill(912796YZ6), 3.690%
20-Oct1300ET$21B5Y TIPS(91282CFR7), 1.732% vs. 1.725% WI
24-Oct1130ET$57B13W Bill(912796S34)
24-Oct1130ET$45B26W Bill(912796YV5)
25-Oct1300ET$42B2Y Note(91282CFQ9)
26-Oct1130ET$24B2Y FRN(91282CFS5)
26-Oct1300ET$43B5Y Note(91282CFU0)
27-Oct1300ET$35B7Y Note(91282CFT3)
8-Nov1300ETTBA3Y Note2-Nov
9-Nov1300ETTBA10Y Note2-Nov
10-Nov1300ETTBA30Y Bond2-Nov
16-Nov1300ETTBA20Y Bond10-Nov
17-Nov1300ETTBA10Y TIPS Re-open10-Nov
21-Nov1130ETTBA2Y Note17-Nov
21-Nov1300ETTBA5Y Note17-Nov
22-Nov1130ETTBA2Y Note FRN R/O17-Nov
22-Nov1300ETTBA7Y Note17-Nov
12-Dec1130ETTBA3Y Note8-Dec
12-Dec1300ETTBA10Y Note Reopen8-Dec
13-Dec1300ETTBA30Y Bond Reopen8-Dec
21-Dec1300ETTBA5Y TIPS Reopen15-Dec
22-Dec1300ETTBA20Y Bond Reopen15-Dec
27-Dec1300ETTBA2Y Note22-Dec
28-Dec1130ETTBA2Y Note FRN R/O22-Dec
28-Dec1300ETTBA5Y Note22-Dec
29-Dec1300ETTBA7Y Note22-Dec
10-Jan1300ETTBA3Y Note5-Jan
11-Jan1300ETTBA10Y Note Reopen5-Jan
12-Jan1300ETTBA30Y Bond Reopen5-Jan
18-Jan1300ETTBA20Y Bond Reopen12-Jan
19-Jan1300ETTBA10Y TIPS12-Jan
24-Jan1300ETTBA2Y Note19-Jan
25-Jan1130ETTBA2Y Note FRN19-Jan
25-Jan1300ETTBA5Y Note19-Jan
26-Jan1300ETTBA7Y Note19-Jan

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