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Eurozone Bond Issuance


Eyeing The 50-Day EMA


Estimated $20B AerCap 9Pt Guidance Updated

PIPELINE: *** As expected, flood of incoming high-grade supply
Date $MM Issuer/Rating/Desc/Maturity/Yld/Leads; Priced *; Launch #:
9/5 TBD Apple Inc multi tranche, 2y Fxd +37.5a, 2y FRN, 5y +62.5a, 10y +100a,
30y +125a
9/5 TBD IBM Credit LLC $Bmrk 2Y Fxd/FRN, 3Y Fxd/FRN, 5Y Fxd
9/5 TBD Cigna $Bmrk 10Y +110-115, 30Y +130-135
9/5 TBD Caterpillar Fin 3Y Fxd/FRN; +60a/L Equiv
9/5 TBD Zoetis Inc $Bnmrk 10Y +115a, 30Y +150a
9/5 TBD Arrow Electronics $300m 7y; IPT +170a
9/5 TBD ADB $Bmrk 5Y Global Bonds; IPT MS +14 Area
9/5 TBD The Home Depot $1b WNG 10y; IPT +90a
9/5 TBD John Deere Capital Corp $Bmrk 5y Fxd/FRN, 10y
9/5 $500M NiSource Finance Corp. 30Y; IPT  +145a
9/5 $800M Duke Energy Progress WNG FMB; 3Y FRN, 30Y
9/5 $300M Pennsylvania Electric WNG Long 10Y: IPT +140a
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MNI Chicago Bureau | +1 312-431-0089 |