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VIEW: CBA Rolls Forward RBA Hike Call


CPI Fallout Continues Overnight


Coming up in the Asia-Pac session on Thursday:


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Aussie bond futures finished Sydney....>

AUSSIE BONDS: Aussie bond futures finished Sydney trade off best levels; YM +1.0
& XM +2.0. Cash trade saw a bias for a flatter curve, even as the opening bid
faded as we moved through Monday's session.
- There were no local data released today, but the AOFM tapped the market for
A$400mn worth of ACGB 4.50% 21 Apr '33, offering the line for the 1st time since
Feb '18. Bond was relatively well received, despite richness, offering may have
come on the back of dealer requests. Also worth remembering auction size was
small (reaffirming the idea it may have come as a dealer request).
- Source highlighted early Sydney flows saw interest in RBA OIS flatteners, as
well as longer-end IRS curve flatteners via 20s.
- On the semi front, QTC mandated for a new July 2034 and/or July 2040 line.
Elsewhere, Kiwibank mandated for a possible round of A$ 5-Year issuance.
- Bills finished 1-2 ticks higher through the reds.
- ACGB I/L supply headlines tomorrow's local docket.
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MNI London Bureau | +44 0203-865-3809 |