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Prime Minister Stefan Lofven's minority gov't is unlikely to be defeated confidence vote in the Swedish parliament (Riksdag), despite the opposition conservative Christian Democrats announcing that they will back a vote of no confidence in the gov't.

  • Yesterday the socialist Left Party, which sits in opposition to the minority Social Democrat-Green government but did not vote against the establishment of Lofven's gov't in the Jan 2019 investiture vote, stated it would bring a confidence vote against the gov't as it looks set to bring forward a new set of labour laws. The Left Party and labour unions say these laws would disadvantage workers to the benefit of employers.
  • Labour unions and employers organisations had been in talks to try to reach an agreement, but these have proved fruitless, requiring the gov'ts intervention.
  • Today, the Christian Democrats have also announced their support for a vote of no confidence.
  • However, the main opposition centre-right Moderates have stated that they will not vote to bring the gov't down in a confidence vote over the issue, given the party's support for reforms to Sweden's labour laws.
  • Without the Moderates voting against the gov't, the vote of no confidence is unlikely to pass (see chart below):
Chart 1. Swedish Riksdag, Potential Confidence Vote Outcome

Source: Riksdag, MNI

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