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Czech politics remains in a state of flux this morning as senior figures in Prime Minister Andrej Babis' ANO party claim they are ready to enter into a period of opposition. This comes in contrast to Babis' claim made yesterday that hospitalised President Milos Zeman had offered ANO the mandate to form a gov't as the largest party in the Chamber of Deputies.

  • This morning in an interview with, Babis retracted his claim on the mandate, saying that it can only be offered once the new Chamber of Deputies has convened.
  • With Zeman in hospital there are concerns that he will not be able to fulfil his duties as president. In his interview, Babis states that he believes the president is still able to do so, but next week the Senate Constitutional Committee will have a meeting on the matter, with the prospect that the new parliament votes on whether to relieve Zeman of his office.
  • In the interview, Babis also states that if his ANO does go into opposition, then he will remain as a politician. When asked whether he would step down from ANO to allow himself to return to his agribusiness empire without a conflict of interest, Babis stated "If the ANO movement is not in the government and is in opposition, it will closely monitor how the five-party coalition fulfills everything its parties promised before the election. If I return to business, I will decide next year."
Chart 1. Czech Chamber of Deputies, Seats

Source: Volby, E15, MNI. N.b. Electoral Alliances shown rather than individual political parties.