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Below are the known dates for auctions of European bonds and UK gilts. All times are UK.

Date Time Country Amount Details Notes
01-Sep 1030 Germany E250mln 0.10% Apr-26 iBund Re-open
01-Sep 1030 Germany E250mln 0.10% Apr-46 iBund Re-open
02-Sep 1000 UK GBP400mln 0.125% Nov-56 Linker Re-open
02-Sep 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Oct-25 Bobl Re-open
03-Sep 0945 Spain E3.5-4.5bln 0% Jan-35 Bono Re-open
03-Sep 0945 Spain "" 1.40% Apr-28 Obli Re-open
03-Sep 0945 Spain "" 1.85% Jul-35 Obli Re-open
03-Sep 0945 Spain E0.25-0.75bln 0.70% Nov-33 Obli-Ei Re-open
03-Sep 0950 France E9.5-11bln 0% Nov-30 OAT Re-open
03-Sep 0950 France "" 1.25% May-36 OAT Re-open
03-Sep 0950 France "" 0.75% May-52 OAT Re-open
03-Sep 0950 France "" 4.00% Apr-60 OAT Re-open
03-Sep 1000 UK GBP2.75bln 0.125% Jan-28 Re-open
03-Sep 1130 UK GBP2bln 1.25% Oct-41 Re-open
07-11-Sep UK New Jul-35 gilt Syndication
08-Sep 0900 Netherlands New 30y / existing DSL TBA 02-Sep
08-Sep 1015 Austria RAGB TBA 03-Sep
09-Sep 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Aug-30 Bund Re-open
10-Sep 1000 Ireland IGB TBA 07-Sep
10-Sep 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 07-Sep
10-Sep 1000 UK TBC 03-Sep 0.125% Jan-23 Re-open
10-Sep 1130 UK TBC 03-Sep 0.625% Oct-50 Re-open
14-18-Sep EFSF/ESM Potential benchmark
15-Sep 1000 UK TBC 08-Sep 1.25% Jul-27 Re-open
15-Sep 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Nov-27 Bund Re-open
15-Sep 1130 UK TBC 08-Sep 1.75% Sep-37 Re-open
16-Sep 1000 UK TBC 09-Sep 0.375% Oct-30 Re-open
16-Sep 1030 Germany E1.5bln 1.25% Aug-48 Bund Re-open
17-Sep 0945 Spain Bono/Olbi
17-Sep 0950 France M/T & I/L OAT
21-Sep 1015 Slovakia SlovGB
21-Sep 1100 Belgium OLO
21-25-Sep EFSF/ESM Potential benchmark
21-25-Sep UK 0.50% Oct-61 Syndication
22-Sep 1030 Germany E5bln 0% Sep-22 Schatz Re-open
22-Sep 1600 Netherlands E4-6bln New Jan-52 DSL via DDA Guide 21-Sep
23-Sep 1030 Germany E3.5bln 0% May-35 Bund Re-open
24-Sep 1000 Italy CTZ/BTPei TBA 21-Sep
24-Sep 1000 UK TBC 17-Sep 0.125% Jan-26 Re-open
24-Sep 1130 UK TBC 17-Sep 0.125% Aug-28 Linker Re-open
29-Sep 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 24-Sep
29-Sep 1000 UK TBC 22-Sep 0.125% Jan-28 Re-open
30-Sep 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Oct-25 Bobl Re-open
01-Oct 0945 Spain Bono/Obli/Linker
01-Oct 0950 France L/T OAT
01-Oct 1000 UK TBC 24-Sep 0.125% Jan-23 Re-open
01-Oct 1130 UK TBC 24-Sep 1.25% Oct-41 Re-open
06-Oct 1000 UK TBC 29-Sep Jan-24 gilt New
06-Oct 1015 Austria RAGB TBA 01-Oct
06-Oct 1130 UK TBC 29-Sep 1.75% Jan-49 Re-open
07-Oct 1000 UK TBC 30-Sep 0.375% Oct-30 Re-open
07-Oct 1030 Germany E3bln 0% Aug-30 Bund Re-open
07-Oct 1130 UK TBC 30-Sep 0.125% Aug-41 Linker Re-open
13-Oct 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 08-Oct
13-Oct 1000 UK TBC 06-Oct 0.125% Jan-26 Re-open
13-Oct 1130 UK TBC 06-Oct 1.75% Jul-57 Re-open
14-Oct 1000 UK TBC 07-Oct 0.875% Oct-29 Re-open
14-Oct 1030 Germany E1bln 1.25% Aug-48 Bund Re-open
15-Oct 0945 Spain Bono/Olbi
15-Oct 0950 France M/T & I/L OAT
19-Oct 1015 Slovakia SlovGB
19-Oct 1100 Belgium OLO
20-Oct 1000 UK TBC 13-Oct 1.25% Nov-32 Linker Re-open
20-Oct 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Sep-22 Schatz Re-open
22-Oct 1000 UK TBC 15-Oct Jul-35 gilt Re-open
22-Oct 1130 UK TBC 15-Oct 0.625% Oct-50 Re-open
27-Oct 1000 Italy CTZ/BTPei TBA 22-Oct
27-Oct 1000 UK TBC 20-Oct Jan-24 gilt Re-open
27-Oct 1130 UK TBC 20-Oct 1.625% Oct-71 Re-open
28-Oct 1000 UK TBC 21-Oct 0.375% Oct-30 Re-open
28-Oct 1030 Germany E2bln Aug-30 Bund Re-open
29-Oct 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 23-Oct
03-Nov 1000 UK TBC 27-Oct 0.125% Jan-28 Re-open
03-Nov 1015 Austria RAGB TBA 29-Oct
03-Nov 1130 UK TBC 27-Oct 1.25% Oct-41 Re-open
04-Nov 1000 UK TBC 28-Oct 0.125% Jan-26 Re-open
04-Nov 1030 Germany E3bln 0% Oct-25 Bobl Re-open
05-Nov 0945 Spain Bono/Obli/Linker
05-Nov 0950 France L/T OAT
11-Nov 1000 UK TBC 04-Nov 0.125% Nov-36 Linker Re-open
11-Nov 1030 Germany E1bln 0% Aug-50 Bund
12-Nov 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 09-Nov
12-Nov 1000 UK TBC 05-Nov Jul-31 gilt New
12-Nov 1130 UK TBC 05-Nov 1.625% Oct-54 Re-open
16-Nov 1015 Slovakia SlovGB
17-Nov 1000 UK TBC 10-Nov Jan-24 gilt Re-open
17-Nov 1130 UK TBC 10-Nov 0.625% Oct-50 Re-open
18-Nov 1000 UK TBC 11-Nov Jul-35 gilt Re-open
18-Nov 1030 Germany E2bln 0% Aug-30 Bund Re-open
19-Nov 0945 Spain Bono/Olbi
19-Nov 0950 France M/T & I/L OAT
23-Nov 1100 Belgium OLO
24-Nov 1000 UK TBC 17-Nov 1.25% Jul-27 Re-open
24-Nov 1030 Germany E5bln 0% Dec-22 Schatz New
24-Nov 1130 UK TBC 17-Nov 1.75% Jul-57 Re-open
25-Nov 1000 Italy CTZ/BTPei TBA 20-Nov
25-Nov 1000 UK TBC 18-Nov 0.125% Aug-28 Linker Re-open
27-Nov 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 24-Nov
02-Dec 1030 Germany E3bln 0% Oct-25 Bobl Re-open
03-Dec 0950 France OAT and/or I/L OAT
09-Dec 1015 Austria RAGB TBA 03-Nov
09-Dec 1030 Germany E2bln 0% Aug-30 Bund Re-open
10-Dec 0945 Spain Bono/Obli/Linker
10-Dec 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 04-Dec
14-Dec 1015 Slovakia SlovGB Reserve date
15-Dec 1030 Germany E3bln 0% Dec-22 Schatz Re-open
17-Dec 0945 Spain Bono/Olbi
29-Dec 1000 Italy CTZ/BTPei TBA 23-Dec
30-Dec 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 23-Dec
07-Jan 0945 Spain Bono/Obli/Linker
13-Jan 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 08-Jan
21-Jan 0945 Spain Bono/Olbi
26-Jan 1000 Italy CTZ/BTPei TBA 21-Jan
28-Jan 1000 Italy M/T & L/T BTP TBA 25-Jan
  • Finland plans to issue a new 10-year benchmark in H2 (already issued) and to tap an existing bond in Q3.
  • Germany plans to issue a 10-year Green bond via syndication in September and a 5-year Green bond via syndication in Q4.
  • Germany has yet to release an updated auction schedule for Q4 but has confirmed that further issues in the 7-year and 15-year segments will continue.
  • Italy has launched the following bonds in Q3: 5y BTP 0.50% Feb-26, 7y BTP 0.95% Sep-27 and plans to issue a CTZ maturing Nov-22. The following on-the-run bonds will continue to be issued: 3y BTP 0.30% Aug-23, 5y BTP 1.85% Jul-25, 10y BTP 1.65% Dec-30, CTZ maturing May-22.
  • EFSF has confirmed it has completed its Q3 funding target of E5.0bln.
  • ESM Q3 funding target E3.0bln.
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