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UK FIX - 29/11/21


US FIX - 29/11/21


Post-LIBOR Settle Update

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The European Council leaders' summit in Brussels gets underway this afternoon, with leaders arrivals and doorstep interviews starting at 1400CET (0800ET, 1300BST). Link to livestream can be found here.

  • While the agenda for the two day summit is intended to focus on the energy price crisis and the EU's response to COVID-19, political focus is set to rest on whether EU leaders seek to confront the Polish gov't over its constitutional tribunal's ruling that Polish law has primacy over EU law - in breach of EU treaties, and its judicial changes that some say breach EU rule-of-law standards.
  • Dutch PM Mark Rutte is seen as the national leader most likely to raise the issue call for a forceful response to the ruling, which could see the Council urge the Commission to trigger a mechanism related to rule-of-law breaches that would hold back EU funds for Poland.
  • However, some countries have called for more 'dialogue' with Poland over the issue rather than resorting to threats that could see the Polish gov't shift even further away from EU norms.
  • The summit is also likely to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel's final EU leaders meeting after 16 years in office, marking a major turning point in EU politics and power centres within the bloc.