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Previous offer-to-cover ratios: most recent first (2.57x, 2.64x, 2.73x, 3.29x, 3.19x)

Long Gilts Offers BOE buys Prev offers Prev buys
1.25% Oct-41 GBP357.4m GBP155.2m GBP41.5m GBP10.4m
4.50% Dec-42 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP8.3m GBP8.3m
3.25% Jan-44 GBP247.9m GBP118.9m GBP183.9m GBP46.0m
3.50% Jan-45 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP27.1m GBP0.0m
0.875% Jan-46 GBP66.5m GBP47.5m GBP425.3m GBP267.7m
4.25% Dec-46 GBP17.1m GBP4.6m GBP65.0m GBP15.4m
1.50% Jul-47 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP132.7m GBP99.8m
1.75% Jan-49 GBP121.7m GBP98.5m GBP23.3m GBP11.6m
4.25% Dec-49 GBP8.9m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
0.625% Oct-50 GBP783.1m GBP279.7m GBP731.6m GBP306.4m
1.25% Jul-51 N/A N/A GBP840.1m GBP238.2m
3.75% Jul-52 GBP42.7m GBP25.6m GBP51.6m GBP0.0m
1.625% Oct-54 GBP70.9m GBP41.8m GBP116.9m GBP11.6m
4.25% Dec-55 GBP29.1m GBP29.1m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
1.75% Jul-57 GBP73.3m GBP67.2m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
4.00% Jan-60 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP9.9m GBP0.0m
0.50% Oct-61 GBP352.5m GBP253.0m GBP109.7m GBP48.3m
2.50% Jul-65 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
3.50% Jul-68 GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP9.9m GBP9.9m
1.625% Oct-71 GBP26.1m GBP26.1m GBP173.1m GBP73.3m