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Date    GMT /Local          Event
10-Oct      -           US  Annual IMF Meeting in Washington, D.C.
10-Oct      -           JP  BOJ branch managers one-day quarterly meeting
10-Oct      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
10-Oct      -      ***  CN  New Loans
10-Oct      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
10-Oct  0030/1130  **   AU  NAB business survey
10-Oct  0030/0930       JP  BOJ releases opening remarks by Governor Haruhiko
                              Kuroda at branch managers' meeting
10-Oct  0320/1420       AU  RBA Deputy Gov Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor speaks
                              via video link from Sydney at FX Global code of
                              conduct in Hong Kong
10-Oct  0545/0745  **   CH  unemployment
10-Oct  0600/0800  **   DE  trade balance
10-Oct  0615/1515       JP  BOJ Osaka branch manager Kimihiro Etoh news
10-Oct  0645/0845  *    FR  industrial production
10-Oct  0800/1000  *    IT  industrial production
10-Oct  0830/0930  **   UK  Output in the Construction Industry
10-Oct  1000/0600  **   US  NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
10-Oct  1200/1300       UK  NIESR monthly GDP estimate
10-Oct  1215/0815  **   CA  Housing Starts - CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and
                              Housing Corp)
10-Oct  1230/0830  *    CA  Building Permits
10-Oct  1255/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
10-Oct  1400/1000  **   US  IBD/TIPP Optimism Index
10-Oct  1400/1000  **   US  JOLTS jobs opening level
10-Oct  1400/1000  **   US  JOLTS quits Rate
10-Oct  1400/1000       US  Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel
                              Kashkari to speak at Regional Economic Conditions
                              Conference in Minneapolis.
10-Oct  1500/1100  **   US  NY Fed survey of consumer expectations
10-Oct  1800/1400       CA  BOC Sr Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins
                              participates in a panel discussion at the IMF on
                              Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Stress Testing
                              in Washington, DC. There will be audience Q&A.
10-Oct  1800/2000       DE  BBK Board member Claudia Buch panel discussion at
                              MCM Annual Meeting Seminar, in Washington, D.C.
10-Oct  1900/1500  *    US  Treasury Allotments (final)
10-Oct  0000/2000       US  Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Rob Kaplan
                              to participate in a moderated Q&A session at
                              Stanford Institue for Economic Policy Research
                              Associates Meeting in Stanford, with audience and
                              media Q&A.
11-Oct      -           US  Annual IMF Meeting in Washington, D.C.
11-Oct      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
11-Oct      -      ***  CN  New Loans
11-Oct      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
11-Oct  2330/1030  **   AU  Westpac-MI consumer sentiment
11-Oct  2350/0850  *    JP  Machinery orders
11-Oct  0700/0300  ***  ES  HICP (f)
11-Oct  0845/0945       UK  UK Chancellor Philip Hammond at TSC
11-Oct  1100/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
11-Oct  1100/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
11-Oct  1115/0715       US  Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles
                              Evans to participate in a moderated discussion at
                              Swiss Day 2017 in Zurich, with audience and media
11-Oct  1200/1400       DE  BBK Board member Andreas Dombret speech at the New
                              York University, in New York.
11-Oct  1400/1000       US  International Monetary Fund Managing Director
                              Christine Lagarde to speak on "G20: Compact with
                              Africa" at the 2017 IIF Annual Membership Meeting,
                              in Washington.
11-Oct  1700/1900       DE  BBK Board member Joachim Wuermeling speech at
                              lectures "Financial world of Europe", in Brussels.
11-Oct  1710/1310       US  New York Federal Reserve Bank Vice President Simon
                              Potter to speak on American Exit Strategies at
                              "Globalisation Dynamics - EU and U.S.
                              Perspectives" in New York.
11-Oct  1800/1400       US  Federal Reserve releases minutes for the September
                              19-20 FOMC meeting in Washington.
11-Oct  1840/1440       US  San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John
                              Williams to deliver a speech on community leaders
                              in Salt Lake City, with audience Q&A.
11-Oct  1850/2050       EU  ECB Executive Board member Peter Praet speech at
                              SUERF Conference, in New York.
12-Oct      -           US  Annual IMF Meeting in Washington, D.C.
12-Oct      -           EU  ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure
                              participation in G20 Deputies meeting, in
                              Washington D.C., USA.
12-Oct      -           EU  ECB President Mario Draghi participation in Annual
                              Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF, in
                              Washington, D.C., USA.
12-Oct      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
12-Oct      -      ***  CN  New Loans
12-Oct      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
12-Oct  2350/0850  *    JP  CGPI
12-Oct  0000/1100  **   AU  Melbourne Institute inflation expectations survey
12-Oct  0030/1130  ***  AU  Housing finance
12-Oct  0645/0845  ***  FR  HICP (f)
12-Oct  0830/0930       UK  BOE Quarterly Credit Conditions
12-Oct  0900/1100  **   EU  industrial production
12-Oct  1230/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
12-Oct  1230/0830  ***  US  PPI
12-Oct  1230/0830  *    CA  New Housing Price Index
12-Oct  1345/0945  *    US  Bloomberg Comfort Index
12-Oct  1430/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
12-Oct  1430/1030       US  Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell will
                              deliver Keynote address on Emerging Markets at
                              2017 IIF Annual Membership Meeting, in Washington.
12-Oct  1430/1630       EU  ECB President Mario Draghi participation in panel
                              at 4th "Rethinking Macro Policy" conference
                              organised by IMF and hosted by Peterson Institute,
                              in Washington, D.C., USA.
12-Oct  1430/1030       US  Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard to
                              participate in Panel on Monetary Policy at the
                              Conference on Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy in
                              Washington, with audience Q&A.
12-Oct  1430/1630       EU  ECB Executive Board member Peter Praet speech at
                              JPMorgan Investor Seminar, in Washington, D.C.
12-Oct  1500/1100  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
12-Oct  1500/1100  **   US  Kansas City Fed LMCI
12-Oct  1800/1400  **   US  Treasury Budget
12-Oct  1915/1515       CA  BOC Sr Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins
                              participates in a panel discussion at the
                              Institute of International Finance  in Washington,
12-Oct  1945/2145       EU  ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure
                              participation in panel discussion on financial
                              stability at 4th "Rethinking Macro Policy"
                              conference organised by IMF and hosted by Peterson
                              Institute, in Washington, D.C. , USA.
12-Oct  1945/2045       UK  BOE Chief Economist Andy Haldane on Washington
12-Oct  2010/2210       EU  ECB Executive Board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger
                              participation in panel at Institute of
                              International Finance's Annual Membership Meeting,
                              in Washington, D.C.
12-Oct  2030/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
12-Oct  0115/2115       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to deliver a speech on "Balance Sheet
                              Normalization in the United States" at the
                              conference on "Unconventional Monetary Policy:
                              Lessons Learned" in Hong Kong, with audience Q&A.
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