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Global News and Data Calendar

Repeats Story Initially Transmitted at 20:01 GMT Nov 27/15:01 EST Nov 27
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Date    GMT /Local          Event
28-Nov  0700/0800  **   DE  Import/Export Prices
28-Nov  0700/0700       UK  Bank of England FPC Bank stress test results
28-Nov  0745/0845  **   FR  Consumer Sentiment
28-Nov  0745/0845  *    FR  housing starts, permits
28-Nov  0800/0900  *    ES  retail sales
28-Nov  0900/1000  **   EU  M3
28-Nov  1200/1300  *    DE  GFK Consumer Climate
28-Nov  1330/0830  **   US  advance trade, advance business inventories
28-Nov  1330/0830  *    CA  Industrial Product and Raw Material Price Index
28-Nov  1355/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
28-Nov  1400/0900  **   US  FHFA Home Price Index
28-Nov  1400/0900  **   US  FHFA Quarterly Price Index
28-Nov  1400/0900  **   US  S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index
28-Nov  1445/0945       US  U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and
                              Urban Affairs to hold full committee hearing on
                              nomination of Jerome Powell to be Chairman of the
                              Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
                              in Washington.
28-Nov  1500/1000  *    US  Building permits revisions
28-Nov  1500/1000  **   US  Richmond Fed Survey
28-Nov  1500/1000  ***  US  Conference Board Consumer Confidence
28-Nov  1515/1015       US  Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President
                              Patrick Harker to speak on "Financial Safety for
                              the Aging Population" at "Aging, Cognition, and
                              Financial Health: Building a Robust System for
                              Older Americans" in Philadelphia.
28-Nov  1530/1030  **   US  Dallas Fed Services Survey
28-Nov  1530/1030       CA  BOC Financial System Review
28-Nov  1600/1700       EU  ECB President Mario Draghi speech introductory
                              statement at a Hearing before the Committee on
                              Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) of the
                              European Parliament, in Brussels.
28-Nov  1615/1115       CA  BOC Gov Stephen Poloz ans Seniro Deputy Gov
                              Carolyn Wilkins pres conference at the National
                              Press Theatre in Ottawa, ON.
29-Nov  2000/0900  ***  NZ  RBNZ Financial Stability Report
29-Nov  2350/0850  *    JP  Retail sales (p)
29-Nov  0745/0845  ***  FR  GDP (p)
29-Nov  0745/0845  **   FR  Consumer Spending
29-Nov  0800/0900  ***  ES  HICP (p)
29-Nov  0800/0900       DE  BBK Board members Claudia M. Buch und Andreas
                              Dombret participation at the press conference of
                              the Deutsche Bundesbank on the publication of the
                              Financial Stability Report 2017, in Frankfurt am
29-Nov  0930/0930  **   UK  BOE M4
29-Nov  0930/0930  **   UK  BOE Lending to Individuals
29-Nov  1000/1100  **   EU  Economic Sentiment Indicator
29-Nov  1000/1100  *    EU  Consumer Confidence, Industrial Sentiment
29-Nov  1000/1100  *    EU  Business Climate Indicator
29-Nov  1200/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
29-Nov  1200/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
29-Nov  1300/1400  ***  DE  HICP (p)
29-Nov  1330/0830  ***  US  GDP (2nd)
29-Nov  1330/0830       US  New York Federal Reserve Bank President William
                              Dudley to participate in a moderated discussion at
                              "Rutgers Fireside Chat" in New Brunswick, New
                              Jersey, with audience Q&A.
29-Nov  1400/1400       UK  BOE Governor Mark Carney speech, London
29-Nov  1430/1430       UK  BOE Dep Gov Dave Ramsden comments on panel
29-Nov  1500/1000  **   US  NAR pending home sales
29-Nov  1500/1000       US  Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to give
                              testimony on the economic outlook at the Joint
                              Economic Committee in Washington.
29-Nov  1530/1030  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
29-Nov  1700/1800       EU  ECB Gov. Council member Jens Weidmann speech at
                              RWI Business Talk 2017, in Essen, Germany.
29-Nov  1850/1350       US  San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John
                              Williams to give keynote address at the 54th
                              Annual Economic Forecast Luncheon Sponsored by
                              Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, with
                              audience Q&A.
29-Nov  1900/1400       US  Federal Reserve releases the Beige Book for
                              upcoming FOMC meeting in Washington.
30-Nov  2145/1045  *    NZ  Monthly building consents
30-Nov  2350/0850  **   JP  Industrial production
30-Nov  0000/1300  ***  NZ  ANZ monthly business survey
30-Nov  0001/0001  **   UK  Gfk Monthly Consumer Confidence
30-Nov  0030/1130  ***  AU  Quarterly Private new capex
30-Nov  0030/1130  ***  AU  Dwelling Approvals
30-Nov  0030/1130  **   AU  RBA private sector credit m/m
30-Nov  0100/0900  ***  CN  CFLP Manufacturing PMI
30-Nov  0100/0900  **   CN  CFLP Non-Manufacturing PMI
30-Nov  0645/0745  ***  CH  GDP
30-Nov  0700/0800  **   DE  retail sales
30-Nov  0700/0800  **   DE  ILO employment
30-Nov  0700/0700  *    UK  Nationwide House Price Index
30-Nov  0745/0845  **   FR  PPI
30-Nov  0745/0845  ***  FR  HICP (p)
30-Nov  0800/0900  *    CH  KOF Economic Barometer
30-Nov  0800/0900  ***  ES  GDP (f)
30-Nov  0800/0900       EU  ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch
                              introductory speech at joint ECB/Banca d'Italia
                              conference "Digital transformation of the retail
                              payments ecosystem", in Rome.
30-Nov  0810/0910       DE  BBK Board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele speech at
                              Symposium Current account and Payments 2017, in
30-Nov  0815/0915  **   CH  retail sales
30-Nov  0845/0945       EU  ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch chairing
                              panel at joint ECB/Banca d'Italia conference
                              "Digital transformation of the retail payments
                              ecosystem", in Rome.
30-Nov  0855/0955  **   DE  unemployment
30-Nov  1000/1100  **   EU  unemployment
30-Nov  1000/1100  ***  IT  HICP (p)
30-Nov  1000/1100  ***  EU  HICP (p)
30-Nov  1000/1100       EU  ECB Executive Board member Peter Praet delivering
                              the Ludwig Erhard Lecture organised by The Lisbon
                              Council, in Brussels.
30-Nov  1140/1240       EU  ECB Supervisory Board chair Pentti Hakkarainen
                              speech at Financial Times Banking Summit 2017
                              "Thinking Through Uncertainty" ,in London.
30-Nov  1330/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
30-Nov  1330/0830  **   US  Personal Income and Consumption
30-Nov  1330/0830  *    CA  Current account
30-Nov  1330/0830  *    CA  Payroll employment
30-Nov  1330/0830       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to moderate a panel discussion on
                              "Financial Innovation and Macroprudential Policy"
                              at the 2017 Financial Stability and Fintech
                              Conference in Washington.
30-Nov  1400/0900  *    US  Milwaukee Manufacturing ISM index
30-Nov  1445/0945  **   US  MNI Chicago PMI
30-Nov  1445/0945  *    US  Bloomberg Comfort Index
30-Nov  1530/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
30-Nov  1730/1230       US  Federal Reserve Vice Chairman for Supervision
                              Randal Quarles to speak on payment systems at the
                              "Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Office of
                              Financial Research Conference: 2017 Financial
                              Stability and Fintech Conference" in Washington.
30-Nov  1730/1230       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to introduce keynote speaker Federal
                              Reserve Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal
                              Quarles at the 2017 Financial Stability and
                              Fintech Conference in Washington.
30-Nov  1800/1300       US  Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Rob Kaplan
                              to participate in a moderated Q&A session at the
                              Real Estate Council Speaking Series in Dallas,
                              with audience and media Q&A.
30-Nov  2000/1500  *    US  farm prices
30-Nov  2130/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
01-Dec      -      *    FR  car registrations
01-Dec      -      ***  US  domestic made vehicle sales
01-Dec  2145/1045  ***  NZ  Quarterly terms of trade
01-Dec  2230/0930  **   AU  AI Group manufacturing index
01-Dec  2300/1000  **   AU  CoreLogic home value index m/m
01-Dec  2330/0830  **   JP  Household spending
01-Dec  2330/0830  ***  JP  CPI
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