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Global News and Data Calendar

Repeats Story Initially Transmitted at 20:01 GMT Mar 21/16:01 EST Mar 21
--Rating: *** most market sensitive, * least market sensitive
Date    GMT /Local          Event
22-Mar  0001/0001  *    UK  XpertHR pay deals for whole economy
22-Mar  0030/1130  ***  AU  Labor force survey
22-Mar  0745/0845  **   FR  Manufacturing Sentiment
22-Mar  0745/0845  *    FR  Business Climate Indicator
22-Mar  0745/0845  *    FR  Services Sentiment
22-Mar  0800/0900  **   FR  Markit Services PMI (p)
22-Mar  0800/0900  **   FR  Markit Manufacturing PMI (p)
22-Mar  0830/0930  **   DE  Markit Services PMI (p)
22-Mar  0830/0930  **   DE  Markit Manufacturing PMI (p)
22-Mar  0830/0930       EU  ECB Executive Board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger
                              participation in a panel discussion at the 9th
                              annual EFR Stakeholder Round Table on "Financial
                              Fragmentation or Integration" hosted by the ING
                              Group, in Brussels.
22-Mar  0900/1000  **   EU  current account
22-Mar  0900/1000  ***  DE  IFO Business Climate Index
22-Mar  0900/1000  ***  DE  IFO Business Climate Index Direction
22-Mar  0900/1000  **   EU  Markit Services PMI (p)
22-Mar  0900/1000  **   EU  Markit Composite PMI (p)
22-Mar  0900/1000       EU  ECB Supervisory Board chair Daniele Nouy
                              introductory remarks at "Joint Governance
                              Conference: Governance expectations for banks in a
                              changing financial environment" , in Frankfurt.
22-Mar  0900/1000  **   EU  Markit Manufacturing PMI (p)
22-Mar  0930/0930  ***  UK  Retail Sales
22-Mar  1200/1200  ***  UK  Bank Of England Interest Rate
22-Mar  1200/1200  ***  UK  Bank Of England Quantitative Easing
22-Mar  1230/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
22-Mar  1300/0900  **   US  FHFA Home Price Index
22-Mar  1345/0945  ***  US  Markit Services Index (flash)
22-Mar  1345/0945  ***  US  Markit Manufacturing Index (flash)
22-Mar  1345/0945  *    US  Bloomberg Comfort Index
22-Mar  1400/1000  **   US  leading indicators
22-Mar  1400/1500  **   BE  BNB Business Sentiment
22-Mar  1430/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
22-Mar  1500/1100  **   US  Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index
22-Mar  1845/1445       CA  BOC Senior Deputy Gov Carolyn Wilkins speech at
                              the Rotman School of Management Toronto.
22-Mar  1900/1500  *    US  Treasury Allotments (preliminary)
22-Mar  2030/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
23-Mar  2330/0830  ***  JP  CPI
23-Mar  0700/0800  *    DE  construction orders
23-Mar  0800/0900  **   ES  PPI
23-Mar  1210/0810       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to speak at the Knoxville Economics Forum
                              in Knoxville, Tennessee, with audience Q&A.
23-Mar  1230/0830  ***  CA  CPI
23-Mar  1230/0830  ***  CA  Retail Trade
23-Mar  1230/0830  **   US  durable goods new orders
23-Mar  1400/1000  ***  US  new home sales
23-Mar  1400/1000  *    US  Building permits revisions
23-Mar  1400/1000  *    US  BLS State Employment
23-Mar  1430/1030       US  Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel
                              Kashkari to participate in a moderated Q&A in New
                              York, with audience Q&A.
23-Mar  1500/1100  **   US  St. Louis Fed Real GDP Nowcast
23-Mar  1515/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
23-Mar  1530/1130       US  Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Rob Kaplan
                              to participate in a moderated Q&A at the "Trellis
                              Foundation Summit on Postsecondary Access,
                              Affordability & Attainment" in Austin, with
                              audience & media Q&A.
26-Mar  0645/0845  ***  FR  GDP (f)
26-Mar  0700/0900  *    ES  industrial orders
26-Mar  0700/0900  *    ES  services survey
26-Mar  1300/1500       EU  ECB Supervisory Board chair Daniele Nouy
                              presentation of the ECB Annual Report on
                              supervisory activities 2017 to the European
                              Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs
                              Committee, in Brussels .
26-Mar  1430/1030  **   US  Dallas Fed manufacturing survey
26-Mar  2030/1630       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to speak at the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for
                              Public Policy & Finance at Princeton University in
                              Princeton, New Jersey, with audience Q%A.
27-Mar  2230/0930  **   AU  ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence
27-Mar  0045/1145       AU  RBA Asst Gov Christopher Kent, speaks at
                              Investment Implementation Summit, Sydney. Also Q&A
27-Mar  0700/0900  ***  ES  HICP (p)
27-Mar  0800/1000  **   IT  ISTAT Consumer Confidence
27-Mar  0800/1000  **   IT  ISTAT Business Confidence
27-Mar  0800/1000  **   EU  M3
27-Mar  0900/1100  **   EU  Economic Sentiment Indicator
27-Mar  0900/1100  *    EU  Business Climate Indicator
27-Mar  0900/1100  *    EU  Consumer Confidence, Industrial Sentiment
27-Mar  1255/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
27-Mar  1300/0900  **   US  S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index
27-Mar  1400/1000  **   US  Richmond Fed Survey
27-Mar  1400/1000  ***  US  Conference Board Consumer Confidence
27-Mar  1430/1030  **   US  Dallas Fed Services Survey
27-Mar  1500/1100       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to participate in a "Conversation with John
                              Hope Bryant" at the "HOP Flobal Forums, 2018
                              Annual Meeting" in Atlanta.
28-Mar  0600/0800  *    DE  GFK Consumer Climate
28-Mar  0645/0845  **   FR  Consumer Sentiment
28-Mar  0700/0900  *    ES  retail sales
28-Mar  0800/1000  *    IT  industrial orders
28-Mar  0830/0930       UK  BOE Agents' Business Survey
28-Mar  1000/1100  **   UK  CBI Distributive Trades
28-Mar  1100/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
28-Mar  1100/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
28-Mar  1230/0830  *    CA  Payroll employment
28-Mar  1230/0830  ***  US  GDP (3rd)
28-Mar  1230/0830  **   US  advance trade, advance business inventories
28-Mar  1400/1000  **   US  NAR pending home sales
28-Mar  1430/1030  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
28-Mar  1530/1130       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to participate in an "Armchair Chat" with
                              the "Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment
                              Professionals" in Atlanta, with audience Q&A.
28-Mar  1900/1500  *    US  farm prices
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