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The balance of ETF (exchange-traded fund) held by the Bank of Japan rose to JPY35.9 trillion at the end of March from JPY29.7 trillion a year earlier, the central bank said Thursday, with unrealized profits at a record high JPY15.44 trillion, up sharply up from JPY308.1 billion.

Overall, the BOJ posted a net profit of JPY1.2191 trillion in the fiscal year 2020, down from a net profit of JPY1.2952 trillion a year earlier. The yen stood at JPY110.71 against the dollar and JPY129.86 against the euro at the end of March, compared with JPY107.54 and JPY118.62 at the end of March 2020.

The central bank is putting roughly half of its interest income from Japanese government securities into reserves as a provision against the losses it will likely face when it eventually ends its large-scale monetary easing, transferring JPY398.7 billion, up from the transfer of JP383.7 billion a year earlier.


Assets held by the BOJ at the end of March totaled JPY714.6 trillion, up 18.2% from JPY604.4 trillion a year before. The outstanding balance of long-term JGBs held by the BOJ at the end of March totaled JPY495.8 trillion, up from JPY473.5 trillion a year earlier.

The BOJ's capital adequacy ratio at the end of March was 8.87%, up from 8.79% at the end of March. That ratio is at the low end of the BOJ's desired range for its own capital, which is two percentage points above or below 10%.