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USD/RUB Slips, Approaches April Lows


‌‌(M1)‌‌ Resistance Remains Intact


Larger FX Option Pipeline

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Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said Thursday that while "rates are still very low from historic perspective" the Fed could consider a QE twist style change to its bond program in the future but such changes do not appear imminent.

"Yields have definitely moved at the higher end and the longer end. But right now I'm not worried about that," Bostic told reporters. "We're going to keep an eye out."

Asked about moving to focus asset purchases on the long end of the yield curve, Bostic said "it's definitely something that we will keep in mind if this becomes an issue."

"But, again, right now I don't see that as something that we're necessarily going to have to do," he said.

Former Fed officials have told MNI a twist to QE purchases seems unlikely in the near-term but remains an option.