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Fed Chief’s Long, Hot Summer (Axios)

--Import Prices Ex. Fuels Flat, Ex-Petro Flat
--Import Prices Rise 3.5% Y/Y; Ex-Fuels Up 0.6% Y/Y 
--Fuel Prices Up 3.8%, Petroleum Up 4.1%, Natural Gas Down -4.0%
By Harrison Clarke and Shikha Dave
     WASHINGTON (MNI) - Import prices were up in September, above the 
0.2% gain expected and following a 0.4% decline in August, according to 
data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday. 
     The data suggest import inflation growth remains mild after 
declines in the previous two months. The data set is likely to get more 
attention when the full effect of the tariffs can be found in both the 
import and export price measures. 
     Overall fuel prices were up 3.8% in the month, with petroleum 
prices up 4.1%, and natural gas prices down 4.0%. 
     Import prices were flat excluding petroleum and flat excluding all 
fuels. There were gains in foods, feeds, and beverages, and industrial 
supplies and materials, a flat reading for capital goods and a decline 
in consumer goods ex autos. 
     Overall import prices were up 3.5% year/year in September after a 
3.7% year/year gain the previous month. Prices excluding fuels were up 
0.6% year/year and prices excluding petroleum were also up 0.6% 
     By region, prices for imports from most industrialized countries 
were mixed. Import prices from Canada rose 0.7%, due to a 4.4% increase 
in non-manufacturing goods that was accompanied by a 0.5% decline in 
manufacturing goods. The latter could rise further as the impact of 
tariffs is seen. 
     There were mixed readings in import prices from most other trading 
partners. Prices from China fell 0.1%, and prices from the EU fell 0.2% 
in the month, while prices from Mexico rose 0.9%. 
     Total export prices were flat in September despite a 1.4% decline 
in agricultural export prices. Export prices excluding agriculture 
posted a 0.2% gain. Export prices were up 2.7% from a year earlier, but 
down from the 3.6% year/year gain in August. Export prices excluding 
agriculture were up 3.3% year/year, while agricultural prices were down 
2.3% year/year. 
     ** MNI Washington Bureau: 202-371-2121 **