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Amichai Stein at Kann outlines the process for the swearing in of the 'change coalition' gov't of Naftali Bennet and Yair Lapid on Sunday, which will oust PM Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in power.

  • "What will happen on Sunday, the day of the planned swearing-in of Bennet-Lapid government. At 4:00 PM, a special session of the Knesset will open to debate the formation of the 36th Government and the election of a new Speaker of the Knesset. The meeting will be attended by President Rivlin.
  • "The current Speaker of the Knesset will invite the designated Prime Minister, Bennet, to the Knesset podium in order to present his government. It will be followed by a speech by the designated alternate prime minister, Lapid, and a speech by Netanyahu now the head of the biggest party who is not a party to an agreement to support the government. At the end of the 3 speeches there will be a discussion in which each party will be allocated 9 minutes to speak. "
  • "At the end of the debate, the election of the new Speaker of the Knesset will take place, and the Speaker will be elected to chair the continuation of the session. The a confidence vote will be held on the new government. After the vote, the designated cabinet ministers will go up one by one and declare allegiance to the state of Israel."
  • The new gov't will have the narrowest of majorities with 61 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, and is likely to prove inherently unstable given the broad idological spectrum of the parties included.