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Quiet As 2020 Nears Its End


Little to pen for core FI space with macro flow subdued ahead of the New Year's Eve, with several market closures in the region further limiting activity. There was little to no market reaction to China's official PMI data. T-Notes trade -0-00+ at 137-30+, happy to hug a very tight range. Eurodollar futures last seen unch. to -0.5 tick through the reds. Cash Tsys won't re-open until the London morning, owing to a holiday in Japan.

  • Australian YM trades -0.5, with XM last seen -0.5. Cash ACGB curve has twist steepened, albeit only marginally. Bills sit unch. to -1 tick through the reds. Aussie bonds will shut early today, with ASX set to close for interest rate products at the bottom of the hour. Covid-19 outbreaks in Sydney & Melbourne continued to worry Australian officials, but the ACGB space has been unfazed.