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(Z1) Strong Weekly Close

EURO-YEN TECHS: Rally Meets Y130.25-Y130.53 Resistance
*RES 4: Y130.94 Feb 23 low, now resistance
*RES 3: Y130.80 Mar 1 high
*RES 2: Y130.53 Mar 2 high
*RES 1: Y130.25 Hourly resistance
*PRICE: Y130.19 @1028GMT
*SUP 1: Y129.55/65 Hourly support
*SUP 2: Y129.35 Intraday low
*SUP 3: Y128.85 38.2% Fibo of Y114.85-Y137.51
*SUP 4: Y128.53 2% volatility band
*COMMENTARY* A fresh fall today has seen a low of Y129.35 so far, before finding
some support on the back of some near term oversold conditions. This likely
meets resistance from between Y130.25 and last Friday's Y130.53 high. Back
through the latter currently required before considering the potential for a
higher Y130.80-Y130.94 bounce. Below Y129.35 and the 38.2% Fibo retrace level at
Y128.85 is the next downside target, ahead of the lower 2% volatility band.