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Post-LIBOR Settle Update


CHF LIBOR FIX - 18-10-2021


EUR LIBOR FIX - 18-10-2021


JPY LIBOR FIX - 18-10-2021


GBP LIBOR FIX - 18-10-2021

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  • Russian Embassy in the US slams 'ungrounded' accusations of non-transparent elections, emphasizing "the expression and will of the people took place in full compliance with the provisions of domestic legislation & international norms.
    • Any claims to the contrary are unacceptable." Also says it is awaiting a response from the US with detailed explanations of cyberattacks (50% of total) that came from US soil.
    • Additionally, the UK also accused Russia of taking a "serious step back in democratic freedoms. Undermining political plurality" – Tass, Moscow Times*
  • As noted yesterday, the Communist Party has called for protests following Duma elections as e-voting saw early leads for opposition candidates vanish one by one with Kremlin candidates taking the eventual victory in all 15 of the capital's districts (traditionally weak for UR) – providing the 2/3 majority.
    • Opposition leaders have labelled the e-voting system fraudulent and refuse to accept the elections as legitimate, despite having increased their seats from 43 to 57. A few hundred people gathered to protest on Monday, but no major action was pursued
  • Putin extends 2014 counter sanctions against countries that have levelled sanctions against Russia to 31 Dec 2022. Affected parties include: Austria, Iceland, New Zealand, US, Switzerland, & Japan
  • CEC says political diversity has expended following Duma elections with 5 political parties now passing to the state Duma: United Russia, Communist Party, LDPR, a Just Russia, For Truth & New People
  • Events: Govt to discuss 2022-2024 social economic outlook and other topics
  • FM Zakharova to hold weekly press briefing