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Triangle Breakout


Key Support Remains Exposed


Decent SONIA Action Tuesday

BTPS: TECHS: (Z9) Trendline support cleared
*RES 4: 146.00 Round number resistance147.99
*RES 3: 145.94 Contract high Sep 4 and key resistance
*RES 2: 145.23 High Sep 6
*RES 1: 144.63 High Sep 10
*PRICE: 143.34 @ Close Sep 10
*SUP 1: 143.20 Low Aug 30 and Low Sep 10
*SUP 2: 142.46/30 20-day EMA / Low Aug 28
*SUP 3: 141.14 Low Aug 27
*SUP 4: 140.00 Round number support
Z9 BTPS selling pressure dominated again yesterday. The current move lower
follows last week's candlestick reversal signal. Thursday's close confirmed a
3-day pattern known as an evening star, an early warning sign of a top. Prices
have since also cleared trendline support drawn off the Aug 9 low. The move
yesterday through 143.84 provides further bearish evidence and the focus is on a
move towards 142.30 next, Aug 28 low. 145.23 marks resistance.