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Virus Continues To Spread In Jakarta


Upcoming Lowe Appearance Postponed


Curve Twist Steepens, Bucking The Trend


IRU1 Given

US TSYS SUMMARY: Tsys trade stronger after the bell, near early session highs
despite strong US$ gains, EM punished -- perhaps lending risk-off support, Gold,
equities, crude all weaker, however. Best volume of wk but still average
(TYU>1.4M), early risk-off bid as trade US/China tensions return, US Pres Trump
admin proposed another $200B in tariffs late Tue (not imminent/under review
through late August), US$ dropped immediately after annc but  regained footing
as session ground on.
- US$ index stronger DXY +0.564 to 94.722; US$/Yen higher +1.03 112.03
(112.17H/110.77L); equities weaker (emini -19.5, 2777.25); gold weaker (XAU
-12.80 1242.74); West Texas crude crushed but off late lows (WTI -3.49, 70.62,
- Little react to mildly stronger than expected PPI (+0.3%), strong $22B 10Y
note auction awarded 2.859% rate (2.962% in June; 3.114% avg) trades through vs.
2.865% WI. BOC Key Rate Up 25 bps To 1.50%, As Expected. Headline watching as
Pres Trump NATO summit gets underway. Tsy cash/ylds: 2Y 99-27.25 (2.576%), 5Y
99-14.5 (2.742%), 10Y 100-07.5 (2.845%), 30Y 103-15 (2.949%).
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